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    Button Top for TK35UE

    As the light has 2 batteries I thing your best bet is a Sanyo 18650GA. Highest capacity 18650 (or one of the highest) that can deliver 10A. You have 2 of them in the light so it's 20A. A protected version with 10A protection would work. I have 2 orbtronics in my.
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    Did I buy the wrong button-top 18650 battery?

    Well, this is a jungle. Your easiest options are a small magnet on the top or some solder on the top if you have the equipment to do it.
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    What is the shelf life of a Lithium Ion battery?

    The SkyRC MC3000 has storage mode and charges/discharges to get there.
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    CCCV Charging of NiMH Cells

    You could check HKJ-s charger tests as I recall him noting that some of the cheaper Chinese chargers do use CCCV för NiMh.
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    Eagletac R44 7.4V6000mA battery

    That cell is 2x 32650 cells in serial connection and with a protection circuit. You could probably (very carefully) remove the wraping, check which cells are used, replace those with new cells and rewrap but you have to reuse the procetion circuit or replace it with a new one for the same...
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    Which Thrower Beyond A 1 x 18650?

    Budget would be interesting to know. Also, do you want a lot of lumens and throw for shorter periods or multi hour runtimes with lots of throw? Multiple batteries will make the light bigger, thicker, heavier and less likely to be with you without planning to use it before you leave home.
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    A small and light 18650 EDC with high CRI?

    Thanks! During the days gone I settled on the Zebralight SC64c LE which arrived today but I need to pick it up at the post. I also ordered some flat top unprotected Samsung 18650GAs (already have 4 protected orbtronic and 2 unprotected but button top of the same cell). This is a good 800lm...
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    A small and light 18650 EDC with high CRI?

    I'm looking for an EDC to have with me when I'm out walking the dog and really overall where it might be needed without notice. Low weight and moderately small size is preferable so that I actually take it with me. I have no need for long runtime but high CRI would be fun to have as I can...
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    4S AA holder?

    Could you please add a photo of the original battery?
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    Hand held throw flashlight/torch for Search & Rescue organisation

    On that quantity you'll could possibly get a discount when you know what you will end up with.
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    Guidance please!

    I don't know if you find some good retailers offer armytek in the EU but nkon (Netherlands) has a good lineup of them for I would guess good prices as they usually have for other stuff.
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    2 x CR123A safe flashlight

    Sorry I missed the strobe in group 2. It would be much better to be able to to reprogram these but for the price this is still a good deal.
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    2 x CR123A safe flashlight

    The Eagtac d25lc2 can be interesting. There are different types of leds available and it has a turbo only mode with tight head. When your friend finally comes to his senses it can also be be used with one 18650. Price is around 50$.
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    Benefits of high dollar chargers

    "storage voltage" is also achievable by not charging the batteries when they are discharged to that level on normal use or with any charger that has a discharge function by stopping the process when the voltage is optimal (about 3.7V or something like that). With that said it would probably...
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    Benefits of high dollar chargers

    I have one of those chargers as well as the Skyrc. If you charge one type of batteries at the same time time and don't want to to control a lot more details that is the perfect charger. Takes pretty much all types without external holders, can charge 2x2A or 4x1A without a fan. It is very easy...
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    Benefits of high dollar chargers

    If you want to have maximal control over all details of charging like many of us do and are willing to learn a good deal to understand everything then the best charger will probably be the Skyrc MC3000. But if you dont care for all the details and will only have something good enough then you...
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    Do you mean mOhm? % is not really a good way to describe IR.
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    Are your old Eneloops still going strong? - a survey.

    I have 8 AA std Eneloops from around 2007-08. They are were used in a handheld GPS and in some AA flashlights and in a digital camera. Only one died by getting a sky-high IR for some reason. The rest is still going strong and having their stated capacity. I have also 8 AA Eneloop pros from the...
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Re: SkyRC — IFA 2014 / CES 2016 — MC3000 charger-analyzer Could someone also point me to a guide to connect the charger to windows 10? I get a driver error all the time I try. Is there a specific driver I should use?
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Re: SkyRC — IFA 2014 / CES 2016 — MC3000 charger-analyzer Nice to se the dual fans were a fairly new addition but has anyone an answer on my original questions?

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