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    Using a cheap Chinese bike light as a canister light head?

    Has anyone considered using a cheap Chinese bike light as a canister light head? Would need a new lens and fill a couple of holes... Would it work??
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    Xtar D06 turns on in water when switched off!

    Check out this video: Out of the water it works normally. There is supposed to be a safety lockout where the torch is slightly unscrewed. When placed in sea water the torch turns on. Oh, and it shocks you. Any ideas?
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    New divelight @ Manafont

    Looks like the PALIGHT BG-QS88 with an XML T6. Single mode, two 18650.
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    Recreational 'weight pocket' canister dive light project

    Is anyone interested in working on a 'weight pocket' sized canister light for recreational open water diving? My idea is to build an umbilical dive light for under $100, runs for more than 1.5 hours, medium size beam that is really bright. Light head: Created from a twisty style dive light...
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    UK C8 eLed Plus modification... Pic heavy, beamshots and comparisons!

    Hi everyone. I'm a big fan of UK dive lights. One unique feature of their newer LED models is a heatsink sticking out of the front of the lens. This allows two sideways LED's to be driven pretty hard while allowing all that heat to escape into the water. My initial mod replaced the 5W LED's...
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    XTAR D06 arrived...

    Hi all. My XTAR D06 dive light arrived today. Here are some pics. I ordered two to save on shipping. The second one's been posted on ebay:
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    Can anyone ID this canister light?

    Its a small canister light with the following attributes: Light head is small, approx MR11 size. 3x LED's (probably XR-E) with optics. ON/OFF switch is a circular knob that clicks on and then smoothly dims up to full power (linear dimmer style). Soft handle with velcro to attach to hand...
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    9W 12V Lumileds Waterproof LED Spotlight

    Has anyone had any experience with this waterproof light head? This looks like the perfect size light head for a DIY canister light!
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    UK C4 eLed modification (4, 6 or 8AA)??

    Hi. I have a UK C4 eLed I use as a primary dive torch. I've read that the C8 is brighter because of the increased voltage. However, since the eLED module is identical between the C4 and C8 torches I wonder if the brightness is due to the drainage charistics of normal batteries. For me, it...