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    Armytek wizard Pro or Non pro

    Not trying to to blame anyone but myself. I was under the incorrect impression that the Armytek was a direct 'challenger' to the ZL H600 and got swayed by the 10 year warranty and supposedly more robust build. I didn't think I needed much throw as the distance that I target for spotting squid is...
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    Armytek wizard Pro or Non pro

    My thoughts on the Armytek Wizard Pro v2 XM-L2 (Warm). I ordered it on 9/6/2015 and arrived to Brisbane, Australia on 25/6/15. I had spent a lot of time trying to deciding between the Armytek and the Zebralight but eventually chose the Armytek due to the 10 year warranty. In hindsight, the...
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    Headlamp for squid sight fishing

    Hi, Would appreciate some assistance with my lighting specifically for squid fishing. Normally I use a hand held light walking the rocky foreshore to spot the squid and then switch to a headlamp to give hands free access to cast and work the squid jig to the spotted squid. I am super happy...