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  1. LightWalker

    E-Cigarette Explodes in Arkansas Man's Face

    Another exploding E-Cigarette incident.
  2. LightWalker

    E-Cigarette Explodes

    "A Santa Ana man in his 20s sustained burns to his face and one hand when an e-cigarette exploded while he was smoking in bed early Monday" I highly suspect this incident is battery related.
  3. LightWalker

    Colman 2xAA Uneven Battery Discharge

    A friend of mine has a 2xAA Colman flashlight that he was running 2 Energizer lithium L91's in and one battery was fully discharged and the other one was not, the voltage on one was 1.62v and the other was 0.38v. Is there any danger of thermal runaway with these batteries reverse charging? What...
  4. LightWalker

    Efest ICR 16650 2200mAh 3.7V li-ion battery

    I did a little research on these batteries because I found them at a good price but on Efest's and others websites it said, "discharge cut-off voltage 3.2V - Full Charge voltage 3.7v and most sellers only list a 3.7 nominal voltage. My charger charges up to 4.2v and I have never seen a li-ion...
  5. LightWalker

    CPF APP Test

    Test post for CPF APP, it works great. :thumbsup:
  6. LightWalker

    Fenix E99 TI Limited Edition

    I found this light and didn't see anything about it on this forum so I am sharing my find for anyone who cares.
  7. LightWalker

    Arkansas Tornado - Video By Drone

    The following video was moved from our "Interesting Video" thread, to its own dedicated thread. The seriousness of it, and the use of a drone for news reporting, could make it worthy of its own discussion. - Empath Arkansas Tornado Damage Aerial Video 4-27-2014...
  8. LightWalker

    Did Zebralight stop making CR123 lights?

    I looked at Zebralight's website and they had 18650 and AA lights but no CR123 lights, did they stop making them?
  9. LightWalker

    Fenix P3D Q5 Malfunction

    I took two AW RCR123's off the charger, they read 4.16v, I put them in my P3D and went through the modes and the second - medium mode was no brighter than low. I tried two primaries and it was the same, I bypassed the tailcap with something metal, same thing. I put the head on a P2D body with 1x...
  10. LightWalker

    Man gets 14 years for pointing laser at helicopter

    It looks like those lasers can get you into a lot of trouble.
  11. LightWalker

    Lube causes P3D to be stuck in turbo mode

    My Fenix P3D was stuck in Turbo mode the other day until I cleaned the lube off the threads on the head. I put too much NO-OX-ID lube on the threads and it would not break the electrical contact with the head, so if this happens with an older Fenix or simular light and a conductive lube you know...
  12. LightWalker

    Beamshots / Fenix PD35 & Surefire E2D Defender Ultra - Video

    I found this video on YouTube and thought some folks here would be interested in seeing it.
  13. LightWalker

    How to get Moonlight Mode from an old Fenix P3D

    Put the head on a 2^AA body. With two Eneloops I get a moonlight mode identical to the moonlight mode on my 4Sevens Quarks.
  14. LightWalker

    SUNWAYMAN C10A Runtimes

    SUNWAYMAN list the C10A with these runtimes: 30 Lumens (35 hrs) - 3 Lumens (100 hrs). Has anyone seen any reviews that have tested these runtimes? Are Sunwayman usually accurate with their lumen and runtime numbers? 30 Lumens for (35 hrs) on an AA battery is hard to believe.
  15. LightWalker

    2012 SureFire New Products video

    Surefire has some nice lights coming. Edit: I just seen that this video has been posted in CPF already, Mods, please close this one.
  16. LightWalker

    Inova XS - 2 mode AAA LED Flashlight

    Inova has a 2 mode AAA LED Flashlight out, the specifications are below. The Inova XS measures in at only 3.8" in length and is powered by a single AAA battery. With 2 brightness levels and 53 lumens in high, the Inova XS gives you more than enough light for most tasks. Also the low output mode...
  17. LightWalker

    Quark Low Battery Performance

    I have a mostly depleted alkaline battery that will not turn on my Fenix L1D but will run on the first two levels of my Quark. Voltage tested 1.08. I have discovered that running AA batteries that are mostly depleted perform better when run in pairs due to the increase in voltage.
  18. LightWalker

    Invisible Cloak

    Mercedes uses LEDs to make Invisible Cloak.
  19. LightWalker

    Fenix LD22 - LD12 Low Mode Runtime

    The low mode on the Fenix LD22 is listed 3 lumens for 110 hours and the LD12 is listed 3 lumens for 97 hours. So the LD12 will run on low at 3 lumens on one battery almost as long as the LD22 will on two batteries, does anybody have any idea why the LD12 is so much more efficient on low than...
  20. LightWalker

    Alkaline Battery Charger

    Here is a charger that will recharge your alkaline batteries. ChargeIt-Battery-Charger-for-AA-AAA-CD-9voltBatteries Sales Link removed - Norm ChargeIt! Battery Station Pro - Battery Charger