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  1. parang

    Would You Lend Anyone Your Flashlight ?.

    My EDC light is on my keychain, so no.
  2. parang

    Tech leap 2021-banner year or was it?

    I agree, the size of the two battery formats makes a difference. I became aware of LEPs this year - I think that's a definite advancement and a potential "one and done" tool with a built-in or external diffuser.
  3. parang

    I need 2 lights an EDC and a Thrower

    Pineapple Mini or the Acebeam TK16 for the pocket and a Sofirn SC01 on the keychain.
  4. parang

    Flood or Throw....

    This is how I roll also. (y)
  5. parang

    My Dad’s One Million Mile Maglite

    It's in a great shape! Amazing.
  6. parang

    Clip on light for coat

    Any headlamp with a clip that can be detached from its strap. I went with the Armytek Wizard Pro. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  7. parang

    Flood or spot for headlamp in woods?

    I like the flood from my Armytek Wizard Pro .
  8. parang

    Your favorite / best / coolest / nicest flashlight of 2021?

    My best EDC is the ReyLight Pineapple Mini 219B in brass. I like its light, size, style, and that it runs on all kinds of AAA format batteries. I still really like and use the Acebeam TK16 and the Manker E14 III though. It is probably a bit OT, but I feel like I should mention the Victorinox...
  9. parang

    Opinions needed: "keychain light" size?

    This is my keychain with the Sofirn SC01. I find it ideal. Ti would be nice, but I am good. This way I have steel, Alox and Titanium represented. I also have a Vic Traveller Lite and the Cybertool Lite which could be in theory used as key chain tools. I could call that as big as I want to go...
  10. parang

    Is it my imagination or, is this Forum declining?

    Personally this is a seasonal interest, I am more into knives in the summer and more into flashlights in the winter. Now, I would still like a Fraz labs light and maybe even a LEP some day, but I have enough lights for every use and every type of battery and I am more interested in maintaining...
  11. parang

    Lumen creep

    Get a light that is more of a thrower IMO, instead of chasing lumens, if you want to stand in one spot and scan your spaces.
  12. parang

    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    I have two SC01 Sofirns on my keychains that are about half a year old and my bigger lights are a year old at most. I had four i3E Olights that I recently sold for not being used (I only used one really), they were about three yo. I also EDC a couple of Petzl e+Lite headlamps that are about...
  13. parang

    What do you use a flashlight for the most?

    A lot of frequent uses, when I think about it. Going by duration, the Sofirn BLF LT1 as a nightlight must be my most used one. At the dimmest and warmest setting, it will last forever on a single charge. Runner ups: - for photography, Nichia EC65 Acebeams, - Convoys as utility lights...
  14. parang

    Buy a super bright flashlight

    Manker MK41 (4xAA) if you need throw (or slap on a diffuser). It's pretty awesome, I love mine, bright yes, compact, not really. My Armytek A2 Prime Pro (2xAA) and my Olight i5T are more compact for EDC, but not super bright.
  15. parang

    Beam width

    I suggest simply watching a bunch of YT reviews by Flashacolic (who is also a member here) and by others too, to get a sense of beam profiles at various distances. With your budget you should have no problem finding something good. Let us know how you go.
  16. parang

    How low do you go ??

    I am careless - I leave it to the LVP to tell me the time is up and I charge everything with the Auto setting with my Vapcell S4 Plus. Samsung 21700-40T is prevalent. But these are all mostly used at home, no big deal if/when they are getting depleted.
  17. parang

    14500 / 16340 / 18650 / 21700 / 26650 which format & why

    Really depends on the application. All good, just different.
  18. parang

    How do you explain this Hobby?

    Maybe start with the concept of EDC and its main components? What use is a knife when you can't see what you are cutting?