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    Sold/Expired FS: (2) Custom [email protected]+ One Purple and other Black

    These lights use top notch components provided by Fivemega, modamag, Kiu, Andrewwynn (AWR), Litho123. All you need to do is add batteries and a Borofloat lens to complete the light. These parts are never used, left over from a previous Custom Sales Build. === Tri-Bored 2D [email protected]’s (by...
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    WelchAllyn Notice: Discontinued Superbulbs

    Hi folks - I received notice from WelchAllyn that certain bulbs that we love here at CPF will be discontinued. The text is as follows: Greg, I am contacting you regarding the following lamps that you purchase from Welch Allyn: Welch Allyn P/N's: 01148-U 01160-U 01164-U 01166-U...
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    Sold/Expired 3rd Run: Custom Reamed Camless Reflectors

    This thread is **CLOSED** to new participants. P7 mods? Osram bulb mods? 5761 mods? This is the 3rd run of custom reamed reflectors where you choose how large a bulb opening you want. Due to the custom nature of the work, I will be asking for prepayment just before the work is done. Take...
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    Sold/Expired ** CLOSED ** Custom Reamed Camless Reflectors

    ** CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS ** P7 mods? Osram bulb mods? 5761 mods? Take advantage of this. This is a prepay for another run of Custom Reamed camless reflectors which ends the morning of January 20th. I'll be teaming up with cmacclel again who will do the reaming for this project ...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Hotwire parts package

    ** Removed **
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Unused Auroralight Kit w/ (2) H1499 bi-pin bulbs

    FS: An Auroralight kit to convert your AA Minimag into the brightest possible Incandescent light. Kit includes: - Boro lens - metal reflector - ceramic bulb holder Also included is (2) bi-pin H1499 bulbs in your choice of clear, lightly frosted or one of each. Never been used. Domestic...
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    Sold/Expired CLOSED: Camless Reflectors w/ Custom Reamed Openings

    **CLOSED ** This is a prepay for Custom Reamed camless reflectors ends Oct. 12th. I'll be teaming up with cmacclel who will do the reaming for this project ... Custom Reamed reflectors @ 21.00 ea. Or 5 for $100.00 Pick any of the reflector coatings #1 - #7. All are in hand. These are...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: (2) Glass lenses for the mini-mag Auroralite kits

    As the title says, I'm looking for the glass lenses for the mini-mag to complete 2 Auroralite kits. Please PM me or direct me to a site for direct purchase. I thought Lumenhound had them, but they were not listed on his site. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Cammed M*gCharger reflector by FIVEMEGA

    *SOLD* I'm sure that this wil go quick! I have a cammed reflector made by Fivemega for the MagCharger. The finish is either LOP or MOP. I don't remember which. $55.00 shipped anywhere in the world. "I'll take it" in this thread will get it. The clock is ticking ...
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    Litho123's Fenix T1 Abuse Review

    Well, folks ... I have such good stuff planned for this light during the course of the month and I'm sure I'll get to do most of it. I'll update this post along the way. However, here's what I've been reviewing over the last week or two. BELT CARRY: Since I'm looking at real world use...
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    Sold/Expired Hotwire Parts Package - Good Stuff!

    12/06: Just one more looking for a good home! Since the following items are not available en mass on the open market for purchase, and I'm looking to clear out a corner of the basement, I'm packaging these high demand items as a set. Each set of parts will be sold together as a set, not...
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    Sold/Expired Litho's August Bulk Reflector Sale

    Litho's April 2008 Bulk Reflector Sale ** CLOSED ** AVAILABLE REFLECTORS: These are CAMLESS reflectors with the .377" hole @ 20.00 each Shipping is $5.50 for Canada / USA Shipping is $5.00 for International FAQ: These are NOT compatible for the magcharger lights. FAQ: No, I am not able to...
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    Rosemont, IL / CPF Luncheon? / July 5th

    With next week being a holiday week, and business being slow, a couple of us were going to get together on Wednesday, July 5th for lunch @ Gino's East in Rosemont, Illinois. Anyone else able to join us?
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** MOP & Stippled Reflector Sets

    **ALL SOLD ** I have a very limited number of camless .377" holed stippled reflectors in hand for sale. Most are already on their way to I'd like to sell these in sets of three. 1 - #3 Medium Orange Peel 1 - #6 Medium Stipple 1 - #7 Heavy Stipple Set #1 for 60.00 - PSM Set...
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** (2) Mag85 w/ Stippled Reflector

    **SOLD**FS: (2) SplashBlue 3D Mag85's. $130.00 each. Each Mag85 comes complete with: (1) Fivemega's 9AA-3D holder (1) Borofloat Lens (1) Medium or (1) Heavy Stippled reflector, .377" holed, camless (1) Kiu kit, fully assembled and installed (1) pack of (3) 1185 bi-pin bulbs (1) Splash Blue...
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** (jbev) HA III 2D Maglite

    Project plans changed and this unused HA III coated 2D Maglite by jbev is available for purchase. Here are pics from jbev's Group Buy to give you an idea of how they turned out. I think the head for this light is the one...
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** Custom Turnkey [email protected] or tri-bored 2D bodies

    09-18-05: All sold. Thanks for your interest! 09-17-05: (1) Silver bored out body left. Can be built to be a TK light for you. 09-01-05: Let's try and simplify this. I started with 8 bored out bodies and currently have parts to build 4 TK lights...which have all sold at the moment. If you...
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    Road Trip: 04-26-05 USL Field Test in Lake Geneva

    I’ll be attending a meeting in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this coming Tuesday April 26th. I’d be happy to meet that night (5pm – 8pmish) at Grand Geneva resort with any CPF folks that want to see the USL for themselves. I’ll be bringing a Mag85 and Mag66 for comparison. Please let me know in this...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Mag66 Kit ... ** Closed **

    If you are interested in purchasing just the WA1166 bulb, please go here. ===================================================== Includes the following to convert your Mag4D into an incandescent light cannon. (1) Borofloat Lens (1) camless modded 1940 in a SMOOTH finish. Comes with 8...
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    Powering the Mag85

    With everyone waiting for the ELv2 3AA-D holders, can the Mag85 be powered with 8 AA nimh energizer 2100 / Sanyo 2100 / Ray-o-vac 2000 / GP1800 / etc. in a 8AA-2D holder and a rechargable D battery? If so, which D nimh battery would work the best? Thanks!