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  1. radellaf

    Why Buy All These Bulbs...

    Incandescent nostalgia? $15 worth of 3-cell PR bulbs that, really, I don't need. KPR103 and 130 in 10-packs because, why not? Also some vacuum PR versions. And a couple of HPR44 and a HPR53 because, though comparatively expensive, they might be neat. Back in 1985 I had a 6V lantern that...
  2. radellaf

    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Discovered the secret of the Optimum is "Beta-delithated layered nickel oxide" Love patents. some discharge graphs in there that look familiar.
  3. radellaf

    A PSA About LED Retrofits

    If I may offer some mundane technological quibbles: Battery & tech: Maybe this is a direct-drive vs regulated kind of argument: Keyless not only entry (love it) but RFID enabled start buttons (with no ACC position). $10 key replaced by $400 _battery powered_, questionably waterproofed...
  4. radellaf

    Favorite maglite size

    I hate C batteries, but the 2 C is my favorite size. Have an old purple incandescent with a teal EverLED lambertian bulb in it. Don't use it much, but it's comfy. Just got a 3C incandescent I haven't tried. Thought about the 3C ML50LX but went for the 3D version this time. Wanted something...
  5. radellaf

    What's your most trusted light?

    I guess any of the Zebralights? I mean, I have some real junk I _don't_ trust, but any of the good ones are fine and there are dozens of them. I have an old EDC clicky, but don't think it's better than the ZLs, and CR123? Really? That's so Y2K.
  6. radellaf

    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    Just the old Fenix LD01 on my keys. NiMH in it, and I think an old lithium AAA in my bag. There's an AA Sofirn and extra lithium AA in the car. An 18650 Malkoff and Lumintop EDC05 at work. Maybe another 1xAAA LED. So, not much. Yet I "EDC" over a dozen fountain pens to work.
  7. radellaf

    Flashlight recommendation for an old man

    What happened to those charge dock olights? I don't see them in the catalog any more. Always thought that'd be a great feature if I got one for a muggle. Even better, a wall-bracket charger, if I knew they'd be willing to put one on a wall (like a Streamlight stinger/strion). Now that...
  8. radellaf

    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    I have definitely had C and D cells leak. Energizer refused to pay for the destroyed Maglite because "the cells were past the expiration date", and I'd removed the cells from the device. I think the only reason I haven't seen many leaking larger cells is that I haven't used as many. As for the...
  9. radellaf

    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Some 200mA results. Much more reasonable drain for an alkaline (i.e., more mAh than an Eneloop). Did a Coppertop (2030 exp) and Procell (2027). Compared to Coppertop: 86% more mWh at 1.3V cutoff, 27% at 1.2, 14% at 1.1, 12% at 1.0, and 7% more at 0.9. Running them down below 50mA, I was able...
  10. radellaf

    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Wow, the Optimums are no Quantums. When I tested the Quantums on the C9000 at 1A they did about the same as any other good AA, IIRC. The Optimums are also not like the Oxyride (Panasonic Power Edge) Silverfox tested, which started off strong but then the curve crossed over around 1.1V and they...
  11. radellaf

    Your view of lights with non-replaceable, built-in batteries

    I've picked up one RovyVon, one Nitecore Tini and a TUP (good price). I'm not a fan of non-replaceable batteries (I do love all 3 lights). They're OK, vs 2xCR2032 button cells, for something like a Tube. I have a few of those around. Handy if you want flat vs single AAA. Far as I know all...
  12. radellaf

    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Nice mod! Bit of work, but if I ever have to open it up to repair a spring post maybe I'll do that. The IR measurement is, eh, good enough to tell if your cells are starting to get old. I don't trust 50 vs 100, but if it starts saying my eneloop is 200+ then I know the Zebralight SC53 isn't...
  13. radellaf

    Leaking Eneloops

    Yeah you're just not going to get an appreciable liquid leak out of a small, starved electrolyte, rolled electrode kind of cell. Even under severe abuse, very little comes out. Out of curiosity I looked further into why an alkaline leak can be green. The white powder from alkalines or NiMH is...
  14. radellaf

    Duracell Quantums discontinued !

    Still must be a alkaline market for all sizes, but it is a good question. I still see piles of them at all retailers so I assume they are selling. AA/AAA/9V dominate but there are always plenty of C and D, unless a hurricane is coming. Uses for C and D: I just bought half a dozen new MagLites...
  15. radellaf

    Leaking Eneloops

    That's my thought. Only time I got a rust-ring on the positive paper washer it was most likely some water. If it was an electrolyte leak... it'd be white or green, I'd think. Potassum...and nickel compound? I only had Chem101 and google isn't helping.
  16. radellaf

    Alkaline Battery Shoot Out

    So, (maybe) the oxyhydroxide alkaline has made a return with the new-ish Duracell Optimums? All the claims are in mWh "above 1.3V". I'm considering getting some to test. I don't have a WM CBA or UBA5, but the MC3000 will do mWh as well as mAh with configurable cutoff voltage, and if you...
  17. radellaf

    Micro Lantern build

    PCB layouts for switchers (and hot air soldering) aren't always my favorite thing to do, so if/when these go on sale I'd definitely be up for one or two, depending what they'll be selling for. As much as any utility, I'd enjoy a light where I can look at the not-in-a-case battery it is running...
  18. radellaf

    Flashlight recommendation for an old man

    First off, for a non-technical user, I'd recommend slower charging vs having to take the battery out. KISS, and no battery-handling risk. I don't personally want it, but I'd call it a huge advantage for those unfamiliar with dealing with 18650s... if they're going to have an 18650 light in the...
  19. radellaf

    Flashlight recommendation for an old man

    "I never used a separate charger before but I need to get with the times" As much as I didn't love the Wirecutter "best flashlight" review's insistence on only recommending a rechargeable light with a built-in charger, I gotta say it's not behind the times at all. People in the last 10 years...
  20. radellaf

    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    The one I use the most is whatever I just got and am playing with. My "favorite" in terms of how I feel about it, is the nostaligic incan minimag. Acceptable that it is xenon, even if I mostly used one in the vacuum days with the bulbs that got all black/silver. Of the new lights? They are...