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    Sold/Expired WTB DIY tail switch

    The tail switch of my custom flashlight broke and needs replacement. The diameter is 12-13 mm.The builder can not be reached. Anyone know the suppliers or have one to sell? Thanks,
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    Sold/Expired WTB Steve Ku Veleno Avant or Radix

    Any variation will do but prefer very good or better condition. Kindly PM or email me at tanasit AT comcast DOT net Thanks, 9/23/16
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    What is this? Help identify.

    My friend picked this up last week at a thrift store in Philly. It looked cool and he got it for practically nothing He could hear something rattling around inside. It looked like a zapper if hooked up and you touched it. It looks to be from the 50's and runs with a D/C input. One connection is...
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    @@@ TrustFire TR-K101 Olympic Torch?? @@@

    TrustFire TR-K101 Interesting look:
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Green ELE II host NEW...Lower price

    NEWAnodized Green ELEPHANT II by FiveMega Options: A- Short body comes with one tail cap, tailspring, 4x18650 series battery holder, charge plug, o-rings and switch rubbercover. FM3 Turbo head with reflector. As seen in pictures. Asking $250.00 $230.00...Now $210 shipped in US only. No...
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    Flashlight-machine gun transformer Not sure if someone posted this but very interesting video showing new concept.
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    Sold/Expired Deleted wrong thread

    Deleted wrong thread. Sorry.
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    Sold/Expired 2ND LOWER Price....FS Mac's Hid

    Like new with total run time less than 5 minutes, then just sit on the shelf. No batteries, so WYSIWYG Asking $500 $450 $400 shipped conus. PP me at tanasit(AT) No trades please.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD .....FS The TORCH by Mac

    RE: Conditions as new with add-on Kiu bezel and I think I had 2 cycles through it only, then just sit on the shelf. No charger. Asking $175 shipped conus PP me at tanasit(AT) No trade please.
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    Sold/Expired SPF: RED Mac's 7000+ Lumen 3" Hotwire

    RE: -FiveMega 3" Head with Orange Peel Reflector -LuxLuthor's 15 cell Elite 1500mah battery pack -10amp Tailswitch -Custom Cutdown body -Osram 64458 Lamp -Runtime around 10 minutes (Measured 8.5 amps at tailcap) In like new...
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    Sold/Expired WTB AW Mag D Incan Driver - Soft Start & Multi-Brightness

    RE: Mag D Incan Driver - Soft Start & Multi-Brightness I need one for my new project. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Tanasit
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    How to remove the switch from the SF L6?

    I need help removing the bad switch from the tail cap of the Sure Fire L6. I flipped open the rubber boot and saw the plastic retainer ring with cutoffs around it then tried to rotate it with tweetzers but no luck. Thanks, Tanasit
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    Need help with cable signal booster

    My cable comes in through the wall on second floor, then I use a splitter to send one to the first floor (for 1 TV set), another to the second floor (for 2 TV sets), the the rest to my third floor with 5 sets plus cable internet. Now I use a Motorola Cable Broadband Drop Hdtv Amplifier on the...
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    Can I use 1 protected cell in a pack to do the job?

    I wondered if it was possible to use a single protected cell in series with unprotected ones to take advantage of the low-voltage cutout. I first PM a member who then passed along the question to LuxLuthor who gave me the answer below and I'd like to thanks LuxLuthor here for his expert...
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    Wish Mac a speedy recovery

    Mac just has his hernia repaired. I wish him a speedy recovery. :party: Tanasit
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    PVC another use, simple mod I do realize that most of you can't read Thai but the pictures should be enough to give the idea of how it's done. He named it...Armabair SF G-2 PVC. Simple tools and easy to find parts. Tanasit
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    LED Flashlight & Pick-Up Tool 2 in 1 Anyone bought one of this? How do you like it? Thanks, Tanasit
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    The last Concept Sky Commuter aircraft in Existence Just in case that anyone wanna bid. If you win, can I take a ride?
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    My cheap AA dummy cell

    Hi, Today while I was looking at these battery sleeves that convert AAA to AA, I got an idea. I made 2 simple AA dummy cells as pictured below: I bought them from DX at $1.98 for 8 :twothumbs Not wanting to solder, I first tried to insert...
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    They use R500 to grill lobsters

    Yes, this is how they grill fresh water lobsters in Thailand using the Scorpion R500. Yummy.... note that she's holding it by the very end of the flashlight.