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    Looking for Eagletac G25C2 Beamshots (T5 neutral white)

    I did a search and even scrolled through the offical eagletac g25c2 thread without any luck. Anyone have g25c2 t5 neutral pics? (next to the u2 version?)
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    Solid State Batteries

    Note: tried the search on this one with no results. Just wondering if anyone has heard or seen any news on these "Solid State Batteries" I seen them first actually on the news (kstp in MN) about 6 months ago, then nothing, just silence, haven't heard nothing, not even on the net, so anyone know...
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    fenix vs klarus light

    why is it that klarus light (even with the same XP-G R5 led and batteries (cr123a)) is posting shorter runtimes at higher lumen levels and with the new pd31 by fenix, less lumens example: NT20 : 280 lumens, 1 hr 30 mins PD31 : 304 lumens, 2 hr 15 mins Does anyone know why this...
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    18650's question

    not to familar with the rechargeables, but if you were to charge one and leave it in your flashlight for X amount of time, how fast would it discharge? like say you don't use your flashlight for a year after you have charged the cell, would it still have power left or be completely drained?
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    Tiablo's website "update"

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since i have been on CPF, i wanted to get myself a second tiablo a9, but noticed that there website was being "updated" (of course that has been like a week+ now), and all other suppliers put them on there discontinued list. what is up with that? This is an...
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    LF to Surefire output

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the lumens difference is between the lumens factory lamps and surefires lamps (what would surefire rate the lamps LF made) in terms of output. ES-6 80 lm 80 min SR-6 120 lm 60 min HO-6 160 lm 50 min EO-6 200 lm 40 min what would surefire rate these for...
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    KT2-BK 9 volt turbohead

    Just wanted to know if anyone knows when they will be in stock, i have tried calling (not open on weekends) and they have been out of stock for what seems like 6-8 months now. Or do you know of anyother websites that have these in stock? thanks -Travis -move me if i am in the wrong thread...
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    Surefire 9P Turbohead lamp question

    hi, I am new to the site but like anyone else on this site addicted to flashlights, anyhow, i was just wondering if it is possible to use the Lumens Factory EO-M3T Extreme Output 9 volts, 450 Lumens Lamp Assembly for SureFire M3T in the SF 9P Turbohead reflector, because it is the same voltage...