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  1. joshjp

    Sold/Expired WTS NiWalker MM15vn

    Please delete, wrong thread.
  2. joshjp

    Sold/Expired ThruNite TN-32vn - SOLD

    ThruNite TN-32vn Its in good condition, comes with the case, and holster, its also V54 engraved, i dont ise it anymore since i got the TK61vn v1, but this is still an awsome light, im asking $100 shipped. Thanks you so much for looking. List Date: 5/26/2015 For more info, click here to view...
  3. joshjp

    Sold/Expired Nitecore TM06vn XML2 U3 Dome On - SOLD

    Nitecore TM06vn XML2 U3 Dome On I have FOR SALE is a Nitecore TM06vn with XML2 U3 Dome On, its in great shape, it also comes with the box, i can send pictures through email, thanks for looking List Date: 3/31/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Nitecore TM06vn XML2...
  4. joshjp

    NEW ThruNite T30S V2

    I want this
  5. joshjp

    ThruNite Neutron 2A (New)

    New light from ThruNite, claims its the brightest AA light in the world.
  6. joshjp

    can i use a 14500 battery with

    Can i use them with a Thrunite Archer 2A? TY
  7. joshjp


    I want a nice little light for EDC, must use 1 AA or 1AAA, must be black, i would like something like the Thrunite 1A but smaller. TY guys
  8. joshjp


    HELLO FROM MINNESOTA, cant wait to get some flashlights, i dont need em but i want em.