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  1. light_emitting_dude

    A 10 year or 87,600 hour LED test!

    I purchased this LED desk lamp from batteryjunction sometime back in 2007. I just realized the other day it has been about 10 years! This light has been on my dresser and also serves as a nightlight. It has never been turned off (except for power outages) and it has been working flawlessly. I...
  2. light_emitting_dude

    *2016* New Streamlight DS Dual Switch Strion series

    Just noticed that Streamlight has added dual switch technology to their Strion series. The Strion DS HL and HPL are now both 700 lumens!
  3. light_emitting_dude

    New 2016 JETBeam JET-II MK I have my eye on this light. I just purchased the JET-1 MK and I'm liking it. With the XP-L HI this should be interesting!
  4. light_emitting_dude

    MP3 player lights rescuers' way to missing skiers

    Well its not a flashlight but it just goes to show that any light is useful in emergency situations! Article here! Imagine if they had a real flashlight!
  5. light_emitting_dude

    Will our favorite manufactures deliver us a P7 LED light?

    Though the new P7's from Kai and DX look tempting, I would assume manufactures like Fenix, Lumapower, Dereelight, Tiablo, Olight and Wolf eyes will deliver us a quality P7 light. I would definately be in for one. The SF Invictus and Optimus sure look nice but are a bit out of my price range at...
  6. light_emitting_dude

    Modified Lux III desklamp. **PICS**

    So I was bored last night and was thinking of what to do with all of those Lux III stars I have laying around. I have always wanted a LED Desklamp so I decided to mod the one I have. The mount that the original socket was on made a nice mount for the Lux III star. I spliced in a power supply...
  7. light_emitting_dude

    Toyota Tacoma year 95-00 truck frame corrosion issues.

    Interesting article. Tacoma owners read! I'm taking mine in for inspection soon. Mine is a 97. It looks fine to me but I want to get it inspected by a Toyota dealer. Anyone else drive a 95-00 Tacoma?
  8. light_emitting_dude

    Anyone else have an Asus EEE PC laptop? *PICS*

    Just wondering if any one else has the Asus EEE PC mini laptop. Here are a few pics of mine. 1 2 3
  9. light_emitting_dude

    2008 Post your Flashlight photography and collection.

    I guess I get the honor of starting this years thread! :wave: Now lets get some Flashlight eye candy posted! Please keep in mind the maximum permitted size is 800 x 600 pixels.
  10. light_emitting_dude

    Flashlight power comes to aid in power outage.

    Last sunday the power went out due to high winds downing power lines here in NE Ohio. My 3 yr old son who has severe asthma, was in the middle of getting an asthma treatment with his nebulizer machine when the power went out. My wife who was giving him the treatment said "oh no, now what"...
  11. light_emitting_dude

    Finally, a nice AAA Rebel light

    Looks like Lumapower has a new rebel AAA light. I have to put this one on the must get list! Twistie or clickie is a nice option also and it takes a 10440!
  12. light_emitting_dude

    What is holding StreamLight back from Cree/SSC/Rebel LEDs in their lights?

    I am a fan of SL lights and wonder why they have not implemented any of the newer LEDs into their flashlights? AFAIK they have no lights with at least a Cree or SSC. Maybe they are just slower to move into the newer technology. I am suprised that manufactures like Rayovac and Coleman have beat...
  13. light_emitting_dude

    SureFire E1L Cree. What bin does it have? I may have an answer here

    While unscrewing the head of my E1L, the head of the light started to unscrew. At first I thought there was something wrong with the threads because it was kinda rough unscrewing the head, but then realized it was the head unscrewing apart. After curiously looking inside the head I noticed tha...
  14. light_emitting_dude

    What is this electronic object in SureFire package? **PICS** (E1L Cree)

    Got my new E1L today and noticed some kind of electronic device inside of the package. I suspect that it is some kind of RFID (radio frequency identification device) that surefire uses. It also contains the text "Alien 2005" on it. Are we being invaded? :green: Here are a few pics. Closer pic...
  15. light_emitting_dude

    Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. (LiFePO4)

    Looks like some of these type batteries are availiable to buy. Just stumbled across these so if they are old news, sorry. And it looks like they don't explode under extreme conditions. Interesting
  16. light_emitting_dude

    Neat add on for Firefox browser users! A must have

    I just installed this add on for firefox browser.............. A higher end computer with a decent graphics card helps as it runs slower on my lower end machine. Gives a nice 3D effect when switching between tabbs (if you use tabbed...
  17. light_emitting_dude

    How about a Rebel Ministar drop in for the MiniMag AA?

    The new Rebel LED seems like it would make a nice drop in upgrade for the MiniMag AA! Not sure if heat would be an issue for the plastic parts but it seems that some of the single AA chinese Rebel LED lights are impressively bright! I wonder if Terralux already has this on their drawing board...
  18. light_emitting_dude

    Nuwai Rebels.

    Looks like Nuwai has some new rebels..... I wonder if some of these will actually make it to some store shelves like the ravovac and river rock line of lights.
  19. light_emitting_dude

    Review of Barbolight BR/U-04 traffic wand. **PICS**

    I acquired the Barbolight BR/U-04 traffic wand from Barbarin of Barbolight. The traffic wand is made of a plastic reflective material which is flexible enough to fold in half but maintains its rigidity when placed on a flashlight. The wand is designed for flashlights with a 36 mm bezel and has a...
  20. light_emitting_dude

    Total Lunar Eclipse on 08/28/2007!

    If you are an eclipse watcher check this out! I'll be up at 0-dark-thirty for this one. Anyone plan on taking any kind of photos?