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  1. mohanjude

    Period of abscence

    It is been several months since I was last active on the forum. There was a time when I would be checking the forum a dozen times a day and post several messages. Due to poor health I have had to take a break for several months. Thankfully my treatment has gone reasonably well and I have started...
  2. mohanjude

    SPY Tri-V / V2 Official Ownership Registry - 2013 onwards

    SPY Tri-V / V2 / V3 Official Ownership Registry - 2013 onwards Following the excellent work done by RIDE he has handed over the reigns of the official ownership of the registry. I will maintain the list from now on. I will copy the first page 1 and then over time go back and update the list to...
  3. mohanjude

    Spy 007 Turbo Head / UV

    EDIT - I have made more these Turbo Heads and offered them for sale. Please see info further down the thread. Ultimate aim is to build a Spy 007 with a UV emitter. However I wanted a Fatty head with a XR27 reflector. I had the CNC guy machine me the 'fatty head' to fit the 007. I am pleased...
  4. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired BulliT -Ti capsule - trit capsule Battery Holder for 10180 / 14250 / RCR123 /18350

    Bullet shaped battery capsule made out of Titanium. Plenty of material to mill trits. Hope this design is something different. I have made 2 prototypes of the capsule - this will be scaled upto different battery sizes - you name your battery size and I will make it. I intend to mill the 6...
  5. mohanjude

    Spy 007 triple

    As you know I am nuts about Daves lights. I have several of his Spy lights. I love zanzan's drop ins and mods he has been doing on a variety of lights. So I thought why not on a spy? The Spy takes a bit of thinking of getting things apart. After a recent mishap that was accidental I realised...
  6. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired Spy 007 / Tri-V Titanium Button inserts for tritium

    Thank you for your orders. 3 trit buttons The first buttons to be milled will be the ones without trit orders as I am waiting for trits. I will post each members order as it completes on this thread. Completed buttons that are paid and shipped will be marked Green. Buttons that are ready...
  7. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired Closed - Duplicate

    Duplicate post - sorry!
  8. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired 18650/ 18500 titanium / Aluminium extension tubes for Jetbeam TCR1 or compatible

    The tubes have been produced. I have reserved some of the tubes and put the names against the available tubes. I would be grateful if you could kindly make prompt payment and shipping of $12.00 worldwide. The postage is the same for different sized tubes. If you wish to withdraw please let me...
  9. mohanjude

    Magic Fire 65W HID

    Magic Fire 65W HID 5500-lumen 4x18650 HID Flashlight Size *207mm x 70mm x 49mm NetW 800 Material 6061-T6 Aluminum Anodise HaIII LED 65W HID 4300K Battery *4 x 18650 in Series*( Not Included) Reflector Deep Aluminum Alloy*SMO reflector Lumen *5500 Lumen Waterproof Rain Proof Battery Holder...
  10. mohanjude

    Ttianium Asperic thrower - p60 ez900 - 18350

    In my mad quest to have the ultimate pocket thrower I have purchased many asperic lights including the DEFT edc / DEFT edc L/R, DBS V3 asperic , Romisien asperic, Lenslight mini and Data Tri -V -> you get the picture. My favourite is the Tri-V but at over $1500 not always keen to use it as a EDC...
  11. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired AOTH Holster - WTB

    Looking to buy a AOTH holster for the Spy 007 Shoot me a pm
  12. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired Found DEFT EDC -LR

    Want buy the LR EDC deft... Pm me if you got one for sale and I will pp you the money straight away.
  13. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired WTB Kuku Ex-10

    Looking to buy the kuku ex-10. If you have one for sale please pm me. Thanks
  14. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired WTB Damascus Naithawk

    I am looking to buy this light - dont want hijack anbody elses thread but could not help seing Donn listing a pair. let me know if you got one or two for sale ->pm
  15. mohanjude

    Sold/Expired WTB V10r Ti Torch with kuku Switch Trits and clip

    Looking to buy the switch on it's own / Torch with kuku switch with or without trits / complete light with mods (switch and clip) Let me know and I will pay your price (desperate :) ) I have found 2 switches so far but looking for more to fit on the 18500 and 18650 tubes. Also looking for...
  16. mohanjude

    Polarion PH50 case

    I am looking for a soft padded case similar to a zoom lens case so I drop the torch into the cylinder shaped padded bag and carry it around. I have looked around and found it difficult to locate a case that was 12 inches deep and about 7 inches in diameter. There are plenty of smaller camera...

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