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    New ikea ladda, better than old ones?

    I have been off the forum for a while so I'm sorry if this allready asked here at forum. I'm off the computer atm so i make this post with my phone. At Finland they started selling darker ikea laddas. (darker laddas, with 1 euro more price than old white one (eneloop Pro cell) Is there any...
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    What are the best D LSD nimh batteries?

    I just buy one large camping light which uses D cells. I tried to use 3 AA to D adapters with Ikea Laddas and they don't make contact in battery compartment and modding is not an option (warranty) I looked from Amazon and thinked to buy Amazon Basics LSD D cells becouse they are 10k mAh and...
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    Tested Cobra PMR walkie talkies batterys, very poor quality.

    I just buyed Cobra PMR walkie talkies with charging dock. I already know those original Chinese batteries are not good quality but these ones were the worst ever. First I installed the batteries in walkie talkies and let the dock charge them. I noticed the dock charged them on/off/on cycles. I...
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    Using nimh in clocks and tempeature meter

    I started to use nimh batterys on every device if it uses AA or AAA batterys. I got tired of replacing equipment becouse alcaline leak damage. I just thinked how low voltage drops in analogue clocks before clock stops working? Nimh batterys dont like used to below about 1-0.9V. So what voltage...
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    Where to buy good camping lantern with external solar panel and nimh cells?

    I have been looking good quality solar camping lantern which uses AA or AAA nimh cells and it has external solar panel for charging (fixed wiring or wire with connector... Connector is better so then solar panel can be removed if not needed.) I have been looking from local camping shops and...
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    Ikea Ladda Brown discontinued?

    At finland they are discontinuing Brown ikea ladda. Thank god they continuing to sell white ones still. Just ordered 56 AA white Laddas and asked about Brown ones (i dont use them but i did heard about them being discontinued)
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    If you are planning to buy ikea Storhögen charger its better to buy it now

    I just got info from local ikea (Finland), Storhögen charger is discontinued model. Luckily i got ordered one of the last ones. It shows still being on market at some countries but i dont know for how long. Official date (Finland) for EOL for this charger is 1.10.2019 so its not available at...
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    How many batteries you have and how much they did cost?

    I just calculated how much nimh batteries i have. 196 ikea Laddas and cost is just shy of 350€ And 4 eneloop pro + 8 1gen eneloop + 4 4gen eneloop. Dont know their cost, dont remember the price when i buyed them. Thats a big money for batteries. But they are good investment becouse no damaged...
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    Where to get Led Lenser P5 parts?

    I got a battery leak in my P5. Battery was totally stuck in battery comparment. Battery is now removed with lathe. Led part is okay and not corroded. Switch part is corroded beyond repair (switch and pcb. Metal body and button is okay) I found one switch pcb with metal body and button included...
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    General questions about SkyRC MC3000, Ikea Laddas and NIMH technology.

    I just ordered SkyRC MC3000. I have lots of Ikea Laddas, AA 2450mAh and AAA 900mAh. Some guys say they are same cells than eneloop pro's are and some say they are not. I just think which profile is best to charge and test them with MC3000? Chargers own eneloop profile for pro or custom...
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    Best/cheapest place to buy skyrc MC3000?

    Im planning to buy skyrc MC3000. At finland they cost pain in the ***. About 160€ + delivery. I looked ebay and from Hong Kong price is under 74€ with free shipping but i started to think are those units genuine or cheap china copys? What is Best place to buy this charger?
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    What kind of batteries for bmw E39 gsm phone?

    I tried Google this but no answer. Does someone know what kind of batteries goes E39 wireless gsm car phone. We tried with eneloops that phone works. I dont know but i think the batteries are charged from cars electric system or not? Does it use just normal alkaline batteries without charging or...
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    Best charger and rechargeable batteries to replace 9v batterys?

    Hi. I started project to replace normal batteries to rechargeable ones at my home. AA and AAA allready replaced with Ikea Laddas (aka. Eneloops) but i googled chargers and rechargeable batteries to replace 9v batterys. There is lot less information about them at google than Eneloops. My local...