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    Anything new in the world of D4S bulbs?

    Anything improvements, besides that claimed 10 year Osram Ultra Life. Or has all development ceased? Thanks
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    Will the EPA EnergyStar v1.1 spec mean more 4000K LED bulbs on the market?

    The EPA EnergyStar spec v1.1 means more ominidirectional light, with marketing claimed "300 degree beam angle", and if I read it correctly, 4000K EPA certified bulbs. I hope this is what it takes to get 4000K bulbs on shelves. The Green Creative Series 4.0 looks nice...
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    Curious 2015 Hyundai Sonata

    My brother rents a different car when he comes in on the weekends, and he has a new 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Curiously it has HB3 marked into the plastic housing for both low & high beams. I wonder if Hyundai uses a voltage controller/limiter to extend the longevity of the low beams, or do they...
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    AA + moon mode + neutral-white

    My brother moved overseas, and seeing as cr123A is an American thing, I'd like to substitute something equivalent to his 4Sevens flashlights. So, is there anything besides the Eagletac D25A2 which has these traits? Thank you.
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    Can the Zebralight silicone holder be load bearing?

    Inspired by varuscelli and his routing of the excess band to get more padding on the forehead, I changed the routing of the elastic band so that the silicone holder no longer just hangs from the band. The point of this was to avoid the indentations you get in your forehead after wearing your...
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    Anything better than the Luxeon Rebel 0120? Is there a Rebel 0140

    I may have inadvertently overheated my Fenix L2D rb100 by discharging some NiMH cells by running in Turbo mode, tailstanding, and now the color has tint shifted toward solidly cool-white, and the intensity has dropped significantly. I know that there is a small Rebel 1x1mm 120, but are there...
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    H1 bulb high performance options

    Seeing as the industry has installed the H9 burner in the H7 bulb format ["rallye"], what is the chance that the same burner will be installed in an H1? Baring that, what is/are the options to get 2,000 lumens or better?
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    Eneloops 1800x

    So I was just looking to see if the US will ever 'officially' get the Eneloops XX, or 'Pro' in brick & mortar in the US, and I notice a little release in the new tab. Apparently 1500 times wasn't good enough, and Eneloops have been upgraded to 70% capacity retention at 5 years...
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    Cheapest quality 100 lumen / 1,000 lumen / 10,000 lumen light.

    Disposable coin cell lights, of the $1 variety, can produce about 10 lumens. So who has the best value 100 lumen, 1000 lumen, and 10000 lumen lights?
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    Do 'PowerPix' type cells leak? NiOx

    I have an old graphing calculator that was in semi-retirement, and would like to know if the Duracell PowerPix AAA are going to leak? They are all blue, do not say Ultra, made in Japan, have a date code of 08-2013. Would it be advisable to replace with Energizer EA92 AAA's? Thanks.
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    LA522 Energizer Lithium 9 volt

    Has anyone seen one of these in a brick/mortar store? Any price point information? Thanks.
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    Updated Inova Inforce 6v/9v

    Has anyone heard of these? 6vx - 175 lumens for 4 hours 9vx - 250 lumens for 3 hours Are they available for public consumption?
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    Prognostications on when Cree MC-E based Fenix

    Does anyone know if Fenix plans on introducing a flashlight based upon a Cree MC-E, in neutral-white 4000K, that has three levels of output: say 50-250-500 OTF lumens, roughly 50-300-700mA? [that seems good according to the efficiency curve of the most recent specs...
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    Super duration?

    Okay, we have quantity & we have quality, but do we have run-time? So, NOT from the same lamp, what kind of lights put out: (or better) 1,000 lumens for 1 hour 100 lumens for 10 hours 10 lumens for 100 hours 1 lumen for 1,000 hours Just a thought.
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    New SureFire UA2 color temperature?

    Does anyone have specs on what kind of white light Surefire will be using in the new UA2? Neutral-white or Warm-white, CCT? What has Surefire historically/traditionally used? Thanks.
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    TLE-6EX Red, does it exist?

    Long time flashaholic, broke the addiction with an addiction to retroreflective tape, and now am swinging back. Battery junction has the green version, and if I remember correctly so did...