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    Tactical light with advanced charging features

    My ideal light would be something like a surefire stiletto but with a USB-c charging port that supports 2-way fast charging, meaning I can use it as a small emergency power bank or recharge it from my phone. For some reason most light still use micro usb or if they do have USB-c, it's a dumb port.
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    New cyclist looking for a budget friendly front and rear light

    New to cycling. I Inherited an 8yo Trek 7100 that came with similarly aged bontrager front and rear lights. The guys at the Trek store were quite helpful in making sure the bike was road ready, providing maintenance tips and recommended upgrading the lights for better visibility on the road...
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    I'm looking for something VERY simple: non, clicky tailcap.

    Does anyone but surefire make a light with anon-clicky tailcap. All i want is press on, release off, twist for constant, one setting in a slim-profile light. That's it.
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    I wanted to get some more innova microlights but i see innova ruined them by adding stupid "features". Does anyone know of a featureless microlight with the same made in USA quality for the same price or less?
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    Rant: Dear flashlight manufacturers--please make simple, no BS lights again.

    So, I was looking for an Tactical (by which i mean "for shooting people with guns at night", not "It's matte black") EDC light with the following specifications: -LED -2x CR123 -Clip for bezel-down carry -Tubular design or minimally flared bezel (think surefire E2 size) for comfortable...
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    Need Tactical EDC Recommendation

    I am looking for a 2x CR123 LED light with the following features: -Tubular design or minimally flared bezel for comfortable pocket carry (think surefire E2 size) -120-200 lumens -Single output -Momentary only switch -Clip for bezel-down carry -Reputable manufacture/Good quality control These...
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    Performance Question: Eneloop Stick booster and Mobile Booster.

    Where the mobile booster is concerned, i'm referring to the one that operates with 2x AA eneloops, not the lithium ion one. If anyone has one, i'm wondering what your impression has been using it to give a quick charge to your mobile devices. I recently got a stick booster from Japan to...
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    Anyone making some affordable-ish face-melting Mag drop-ins

    With the pace that LED technology is advancing and prices are dropping, I'm wondering if anyone is making affordable-ish (light + drop-in under $100) drop-ins that use either an array of high power led's or a single monster to put out 1000+ lumens. I just want something to throw in my car that...
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    Source for Gladius parts?

    My tailcap has developed a snag in the constant on position. It still works, but i'm not sure for how long and it is quite annoying. Because my light is modified with a P4, Blackhawk wants $71+shipping for a new cap.
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    Anything out there that can compete with the Gladius tactical UI?

    How long has the gladius been on the market now? 5 years? I have an original and i had the LED upgraded a couple years ago to breathe new life into it. I've continued to use it, but now even the upgraded P4 emitter seems behind the times. My new quark puts out way more light and is the size...
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    New backup is brighter than my primary...

    Just got a new Quark 123 tactical and, for something the size of my index finger, that thing puts out a ton of light. So much so, it totally washes out my P4 modded gladius. I still use my gladius as my primary work light since no one to my knowledge has come up with a UI as good for a...
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    Quark 123 Tactical: Clip or no clip?

    So, I now know that the clip is not removable, so, does anyone have any compelling reason to get one without? I've seen somewhere that someone said that it can hinder operation of the flashlight since it rotates with the head, but I'd like to hear other users opinions.
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    Need a "battery holster"

    I'm looking for a piece of gear to fit on my duty belt. something small that can hold 2-4 cr123 cells securely with something like elastic bands and a flap to cover them. Mount on a 2.25" duty belt. Does anyone make anything like this? Maxpedition makes a pouch that holds an 8 cell case, but...
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    Time for a new tactical EDC (help me choose)

    I don't have time to keep up on what's out there, so i tend to have to relearn the technology and market a few weeks before i purchace. I'm going to thank everyone for their help in advance. I like serious flashlights but i don't have money to buy every net greatest thing. I find something...
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    Does anyone make something like a Fenix with a STANDARD clickie?

    Reverse clickie's are clumsy and awkward for tactical use. I want a small backup for my gladius and a P2CE would rock if it wasn't for it's annoying switch. Ever time you light-move-light its on a different setting. I don't care if it has less features, i don't care if it has a strobe (i've...
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    Any CREE or SSC weaponlights available/in development?

    I've been in the market to replace my M3X for a while with something of the LED variety, but i really don't want to spend the money on old technology. It just seems like surefire, streamlight and insight are a generation behind. Everything is still LuxIII or LuxV. Has anyone heard about...
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    looking for a headlamp (specific features)

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a headlamp for some hiking this summer. I want something with the following features LED high/low mode (white light), a luxeon would be good for this but multiple 5mm's are okay, and come to think of it, maybe even preferable for the spill. Red LED (to preserve night...
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    need good RCR123 and charger

    for my new light. Someone link me up. I'm apprehensive buying blind since i've heared a lot of brands are sized incorrectly or could hurt your light. Light it's a Freedom Weaponlight from Emilions Workshop.
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    Anyone ever use one of these lights?

    Freedom Weaponlight I'm considering replacing my G2 with one for EDC. Just like to know if anyone here has handled one.
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    Looking for a new light

    I've been carrying a surefire G2 as my primary EDC light for a while, and between the glock, the cellphone, the fire pager, the light, the spare mag, my belt is getting crowded. I'm looking for a new EDC light. that's a good deal smaller. Here's what i want. -High output LED, needs to be...