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    Malkoff M61wll

    Looking to get a dropin/head for a md3 body I have. Undecided whether a hi-low ring is worth it. Anyone know the output on low? Runtimes on 3 primaries? On 2AAs? Thanks.
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    Any members from Japan?

    If so and you don't mind some q&a please PM me.
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    Favorite Twilight Zone Episode

    I suspect there might be a few fan out there other then me so share your favorite episodes. Original series (59-64), the redux from the mid 80s, the movie, etc. Might be a fun thread. I've always liked the lesser popular ones like The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank or The Jeopardy Room...
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    Binoculars-stargazing-light polluted skies

    What do you use? Lower or higher magnification? Curious what others have had good results with.
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    X50crmov15 / 14c28n

    I'm looking at Sabatier K knives and they have a line in 14c28n. Reading it's a big upgrade over x50crmov15 but on paper they look pretty close. Any experience with these two steels and how they compare?
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    Para2 Question

    Seen a lot of videos that show real vs fake Spyderco Para 2 and what to look for. The good clones are so close it's very hard to distinguish if not impossible so are there any ways of determining if the knife is genuine other then visually? Does say s30v have any characteristics that the knock...
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    flashlight reviews from OGL Might be of interest to some (disagreement to some as well).
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    Polystinger LED

    Just got a Polystinger LED 385 lm Nicd light/charger delivered which will be a gift for a family member, they live in a rural setting and need a good light. Over the years we've gifted them a few lights but all have had issues so we're hoping this one works for them and lasts. It seems good...
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    Signal Mirror

    Shot in the dark question, anyone have any experience with Coghlan's signal mirror model #0905? It's the plastic encased glass model as opposed to the laminated all glass (both 2x3).
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    New Years Eve means......

    The Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci-fi channel :twothumbs....... (love it!) matter where I am the TV is tuned to the marathon.
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    Sharpening Experiences w/ Various Steels/knives

    I recently took a Spyderco Para2 (s30v) and re-profiled the edge, knocked off the shoulders and thinned it out before giving it a micro-bevel. I did it with a medium grit India and a Hard Arkansas (both Nortons), and while it wasn't quick it was easier then I thought it would be given the...
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    medium crystolon vs coarse india

    Anyone have experience using both? Preference between the two for thinning out an edge?
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    Waterproof Lanyards

    Looking to put a lanyard on a AA Maglite for kayaking. Want something waterproof, any suggestions/links? Nothing fancy, just durable and somewhat cheap.
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    Spyderco 'Salt' series folding knives

    I've seen some old thread but I didn't want to revive them so I'll ask here, does anyone have them and how have they held up in salt water? I understand the steel in the knife (blade, pin, lock-back) is suppose to be very corrosion resistant but I'm more interested in knowing if it binds up...
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    Kitchen Knives Experiences

    Was wondering what other members use for their kitchen cutlery, what they thought of them, and would they recommend them or purchase them again. I've been using Henckles 5 Star Series for about 18 years now and while I like them I would probably look for something better if I was going to buy...
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    Wiggy's Sleeping Bags

    I've pretty much read all the forums I can find on these bags along with a few YouTube videos but wanted to see if anyone here has had experience with them so I can ask a few direct question. How has it held up over time? Does the warmth of the bag differ that much from when it was new...
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    Flashlight LED/Driver Efficiently Question

    There are a few lights out there that seem to get a relatively short runtime at low compared to what they get on high (multimode lights). I keep reading that it's because the newer LEDS are more powerful and the driver favors the high output performance at the expense of the low output...
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    Arkansas Combination Bench Stone

    I am considering picking up an Arkansas Combination Stone (8x2x1-Soft/Black) from, the stone is their own brand which is mined from the Ouachita Mountain Range. Anyone have any experience with the quality of their Arkansas Stones?
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    Watson RCR123 (3.7v - 600 mAh) ?

    Watson RCR123 batteries. I saw this brand of rechargeable lithiums on the B&H website for $3.99 each. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Maglite LED questions..

    I'm looking to pick up a new Maglite LED, either a 2 or 3 cell D, as a gift for a non-flashoholic. I'm leaning towards it because of the longer runtimes compared to the incandescent models however I recently read a few on line reviews and found some complaints about their reliability. So, are...