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    Best lightweight headlamp

    I am looking for a headlamp for my mom. I want it to be real lightweight. Maybe rechargeable or 1 or 2 AA ? Mainly want it to be real bright, at least a few hundred lumens, have a good tint. Would high CRI be good? It will be for seeing things 1 to 15 feet away so a floody beam maybe with a...
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    Measuring mah of 18650

    Is the opus BT-C3400 accurate when it measures mah of a battery? A couple of my lghg2 had about 2800 mah ( instead of 3000). Should I be concerned? They are new batteries from a reputable seller. I should probably test them a few times and see if the readings are consistent? Is there a better...
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    Different color LG HG2[user]=145627758&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 I got these hg2 batteries and they appear to be 2 different colors. You can only see the difference in certain lighting but to me they are clearly 2...
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    Dereelight XSearcher[user]=145627758&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Does anyone have a Derrelight x searcher? Just wondering if this is what the beam should look like.
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    Dereelight XSvn spec 1 or ?

    I'm looking for the best light to penetrate through the ocean mist or salt spray. It could be considered the same as fog. Sometimes thick and sometimes not too thick. My questions are (1) Do you guys think that the Dereelight XSvn would be best for that? (2) Would it be better than K40Svn...
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    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has used a LifeStraw by VESTERGAARD. I have a couple of them but haven't used one yet since it has not been needed. Thanks
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    M25C2vn with driver vn2 .... Burst mode?

    I am curious. Is 100 % power the same as turbo or burst mode on my new light? It is a M25C2vn with driver vn2. If not how do I get it into turbo mode? And I just wanted to say this light is really cool, and it stays cool . It never really gets hot. That's why I'm not sure I am getting it to...
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    V54 warranty card

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if all V54 warranty cards have a little fiat lux stamp on them. I noticed that both of mine do but neither of my lights have it engraved on them. They both have beautiful beams so I love them both either way but to be completely honest I would feel pretty...
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    M25C2vn XPL V6 Dome On. Driver vn2

    I just got this light. It is awesome but pogramming is kind of confusing. How do I program it to 2 modes? 30% and 100% with no memory? Also, how do I get it to turbo mode? Thanks for any help.