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    Malkoff E2 battery compatibility

    This is what I have in mind. Malakoff E2 run by a single 16340 battery. I've seen some reports of success using IMR batteries which from what I have seen are all unprotected cells. My question is could I use some higher discharge rate (3-4a) protected cobalt cells for this head? If so...
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    Olight Sale Just starting

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the appropriate place, but I'll throw it out there! Olight is having a sale with their new store website opening for the weekend. 25% off everything and free shipping of $50 to US! Just ordered myself an S2 Baton and I3S EOS for what seemed to me like a good deal...
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    Switch on the Convoy s2+

    I recently purchased a couple colored (red, green and blue) convoy S2+ lights from gear best that have the metal switch (forward clicky?). I like the look and Idea of this switch but would like to find it in a black anodized finish which I have been unable to do. Can anyone tell me if this is an...
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    A bit about me

    Laxtond here from Southern Ohio. I've always liked flashlights but have always been scared to get too into it for fear my wife might strangle me in my sleep. I've recently found the need for at least one decent all around light which I've been trying to decide on and have created a few posts...
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    How would you deal with this Hypothetical nightmare?

    I'll try to keep this brief- I'm working on getting a good all around flashlight for general purpose use. I started a new thread outlining what I would like, but then thought... maybe I'd learn more from hearing what YOU would do in a hypothetical situation which goes as follows. You wake up...
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    Tell me how to spend my paltry $100

    I need a single 18650, some protected cells, and a charger A bit of background first: I've purchased a few ultra-fire lights and batteries and love almost everything about these lights.. except the low build quality, low durability (most all have the ones I've used have had the switches quit...