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  1. EDness

    Sold/Expired WTS: Acebeam X45 NW

    Shelf queen, need to clear some space. Come with retail box and batteries included. $180 shipped CONUS.
  2. EDness

    Sold/Expired WTS: Niwalker Vostro MM15

    Mint condition with retail box. 2 x MT-G2 5000K $70 shipped CONUS
  3. EDness

    Sold/Expired WTS: Eagletac D25a Ti XP-L HI

    New condition, comes with retail box. $60 shipped CONUS
  4. EDness

    Sold/Expired WTS: Eagle Eye X7 triple XP-L HI 5000k

    mint condition, 4000 lumens using a high drain 26650 battery. XP-L HI V3 3C 5000k Bypassed tail spring, MTN Bistro FET driver, Copper spacer. This is a hotrod! $60 CONUS
  5. EDness

    Sold/Expired WTS: Okluma DC1 Ti

    Okluma DC1 Ti Never carried, only been out the the box a couple of times. This was from the last batch. Will come with card as well. $450 CONUS
  6. EDness

    Sold/Expired FS: Convoy M2 Quad with XP-L HI v3 3c

    Driver is MTN 17DDm FET. Both driver and tail springs bypassed. $70 shipped CONUS
  7. EDness

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Convoy S2+ triple (Nichia 319AT with DrJones H17F FET Driver)

    ​SOLD Mint condition Convoy S2+ triple (Nichia 319AT 5000k with DrJones H17F Driver FET). AR lens in front of carclo triple optics. Tail spring bypassed. $50 shipped to lower 48 USA.
  8. EDness

    Sold/Expired FS: Olight X7vn 16500 lumens

    Brand new condition with V54 engraving and DHT bezel. $260 shipped to Lower 48 USA only. Cool white XHP70. Paypal F&F.
  9. EDness

    Sold/Expired *Sold* FS: Nitecore EC4S 2000 lumens

    Flashlight with lanyard only. Never had the chance to use it so I'm selling it. Asking $55 shipped to lower 48 USA.
  10. EDness

    Sold/Expired **SOLD FS: Manker E14vn Nichia 219c 5000k

    Pocket rocket! Driver spring bypassed. If you use a long tube for 18650, it'll pull 18 amps. 3000 lumens at turn on. Original box with o ring and clip included. Asking $85 shipped to lower 48 USA.
  11. EDness

    Sold/Expired FS: Convoy S2+ triple from MTN electronics (XP-G3 5000K)

    CREE XP-G3 S5 3C 5000K (Neutral White) // DrJones H17F w/ lucidrv2 Brand new, just got it a few weeks ago. Decided to build my own Nichia 319A triple instead. I added an AR lens, didn’t come with it from Richard. $70 shipped. Sorry lower 48 USA only.