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  1. Whitelight1

    Sold/Expired Malkoffs for sale.

    I have two Malkoff lights for sale. Both have been used under 10 hours each and the anodizing is in perfect condition. They are in the same condition as when I got them from Gene. 1. Malkoff Hound Dog Super with MD4 body newest version. 4000k with a Tricap. *SOLD* 2. Malkoff Wildcat V6 with...
  2. Whitelight1

    Thoughts on the Olight Marauder 2?

    Anyone looking at picking one of these up? I'm not fan of non user replaceable cells or proprietary cells, but this light caught my eye.
  3. Whitelight1

    16.5 lens kit same as 22.3?

    I got my MD2 M61 light yesterday and it has a 22.3 head. Is that normal now? I also ordered a 16.5 lens kit in the same order, and the bag says 16.5 lens kit, but it is the same size as the 22.3 lens. I guess the lenses and gaskets are the same size. But if that is the case why have a option...
  4. Whitelight1

    List of reputable Li-Ion sellers.

    I just wanted to know a few of the legit ones, It has been several months since I bought some more Li-Ions. I have bought from illumn and li ion whosesale before among others. Just looking for a couple legit Keeppower 18650's The ones where the componets are made in Japan and the cells are...
  5. Whitelight1

    Best 10440 cells for the Eiger Ultra X?

    I have 4 Efest 10440 cells that are about 5 years old, and I am looking to get some new cells for the Eiger Ultra X. Does anyone know if there a fit issue with 10440 cells in this light, also looking for the best 10440's available.
  6. Whitelight1

    What is beside your bed?

    I keep a Glock 19 on one side with a Malkoff MD4 WC V6 or Surefire P3X. On the other side of the bed I keep a AR-15 with a Surefire 600 lumen light. Also, the new addition is an Olight sitting on top of the outlet, I don't want to mount the L-Dock yet.
  7. Whitelight1

    Olight Blue seeker 2 Pro.

    Hello, did anyone else grab one of these during the flash sale today? I also picked up a pocket clip for mine from another retailer so I can pocket carry it sometimes. It is made by olight and I have no idea why they don't sell it on their website. I have never seen the beam on one of these...