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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve

    Man... I keep going back to look at the pictures and videos. It’s gorgeous. I feel like I need a background check and pay a tax stamp to own one. :-) I’m glad Vinh was so forward thinking to use P60s as the light engine. So modular and flexible. I guess I also lucked out because I picked up...
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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve

    And I am pretty sure most of us recognized all the little details and what you have done for us. We really appreciate it and are grateful for what you’ve given us!
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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve

    You got 10.... Faster fingers wins I guess
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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve

    Hi, I'd like to reserve serial #5, All costs and options have been paid for. Order #6214 Thanks, -KC
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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve

    Sky Lumen Nguyen Pre-Order & Serial Reserve Make that 4, please :-) -K
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    Acebeam W10vn - Best Slim LEP Thrower

    I had the same thought when I first started handling it. The beam is so narrow that I think I’d probably end up disorienting myself if I strike something with it because I’m all of a sudden be in the dark! My first experience with LEP so it’s pretty impressive:
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    Sky Lumen Nguyen Flashlight Torture Tests Videos

    Hi Vinh, I haven’t had much opportunity to keep up with the thread. Can I pre-order the light with either serial numbers 5, 15, 25, etc. I just want one ending in 5 if possible. If not, a low serial would be nice like 3 or 8. Thanks Vinh, Sorry to anyone who thinks I’m jumping the queue! I’m...
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    Project Genesis - Sky Lumen Nguyen (It's Here!)

    Re: Will you support my 1st light? I buy pretty much all my lights from Vinh so I am a definite YES, support you 100% and have absolute faith in your creation! My last order from you was for SEVEN lights.. (yes I have a serious addiction.. to v54 in particular) Put me down for the most...
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    Any suggestions on contacting Peak for problem with order?

    Speak of the devil. Minutes after posting my reply above I got a reply from Robyn about my light shipping out today or tomorrow latest. Glad they’re back!
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    Any suggestions on contacting Peak for problem with order?

    Thanks for the reassuring words Warmcooper123. Robyn was very pleasant when I talked to her and I did receive a really nice light ( so much so I ordered one of the different models after). I hope I don’t have to file a dispute but it is kind of a pricey light. I’ll hang in there a little longer.
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    Any suggestions on contacting Peak for problem with order?

    I'm in the same boat as you, unfortunately. :-( I made an order with them on Feb 12. Robyn was very helpful and replied to my questions very quickly. I received my order quickly and was quite pleased with it so I decided to make another purchase from them a few days later. It's been weeks now...
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    Acebeam UC15vn - Brightest Keychain

    I’ve been carrying this over the past week and I must say I am loving it. Build quality is excellent - nice and solid. It’s unbelievably bright for a keychain light. The Nichia 319AT mule has been very useful and has come in handy a few times. Haven’t used the UV yet but it’s nice to have I...
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    Manker StrikerVN - Pocket Tactical

    Pretty incredible how far this tiny AA/14500 sized pocket light throws. Looks great with the DHT bezel too. Thanks!
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    Manker StrikerVN - Pocket Tactical

    I knew this light had your name on when I got the stock one :-) Glad you worked your magic on it. Ordered one already! Thanks for doing this for us, Vinh. We appreciate all your work and effort!
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    Battery fit issue on new Zebralight SC600w Mk IV HI

    Sorry to hear the battery fitment issues on your ZL, Flashlike. Zebralight actually emailed me when I ordered their branded protected cells would not fit in their MKIII and I guess MK IV lights (I haven't received my MK IV but I assume the pogo pins are the same as my MKIII). I told them I was...
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    D1Svn ;-)

    This is a great idea! We're all curious how the Oslon Black is performing in different hosts. I got a U21vn Oslon Black and requested the lumen, lux and throw measurements from Vinh. I'll post those for anyone interested when I receive it. I also got an Acebeam EC60vn with Oslon Black but...
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    D1Svn ;-)

    I need one! I might as well just give you my PayPal login, vinh ;-)
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    Mateminco MT18vn - Best Pop Can Light R

    Vinh, Is the XPG3 6500k recommended based solely on price ($100 less)? Spec wise, it looks like the XPL HI kills it!
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    Acebeam L30vn - L16vn Companion ;-)

    Hi luxxlightsaber, Did you go with the XHP70.2 or SST40 SD version? I have an L16vn and absolutely love it so I've been seriously eyeing this one!
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    Mateminco MT35vn - Heavyweight 70.2 Thrower

    Thanks Newlumen, capolini and Vinh for the responses. I'll add some protected batteries to go with the Black Friday winning :)