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  1. divine

    So hard to find a good high cri light nowadays

    There are some dealers that seem to specialize in High CRI models and I think they have some runs done by manufacturers with high CRI emitters put in them. Illumn is a good one. IlluminationGear is a good one. I got a Folomov light off Amazon with a Nichia 219d emitter because I never saw a...
  2. divine


    I was looking at that. I'd have to read a review. The hook isn't included, but it has a magnet. Battery Junction says it has a 630 mAh battery.
  3. divine

    School Me on Eagetac D25LC2

    Check Illuminationgear. It looks like they have stock with a few choices of emitters.
  4. divine

    How many Hi CRI lights do you have? Photo them

    Probably a couple dozen. I'll work on getting a couple of photos.
  5. divine

    Why no P60 talk anymore?

    Kaidomain is making some P60 drop-ins with new-ish LED's. I picked up a neutral XP-L drop-in and that thing is pretty darn nice. Also one with a Nichia 219c, also pretty nice. I kind of feel that no one is making awesome stuff on the P60 platform.
  6. divine

    4Sevens announces closure

    I always thought when the Preons came out, that his "smooth anodizing that is able to give you grip" was pretty nice. I'm not too sure if the latest Preons that I have are using that feature, they feel slippery.
  7. divine

    Review: FourSevens Mini MKII Turbo

    That's interesting. Does the turbo version have a much lower runtime? Usually the extra 20% less efficiency of going from a TIR to a reflector makes the TIR seem like a no brainer. I'm a little surprised that they get more output at all from the new one.
  8. divine

    one stage e1l,e2l

    I bought a modded version a while back (probably 6 years ago) where someone took the head apart, put a warm emitter and a ~1 amp driver in it. I've been storing it in my car. The only stock option I know of is that the first run of E2DL's came with single mode, high, only. If you could get...
  9. divine

    Problems with LED Maglite 3D Cell

    Which version of the MagLED is it? Dead batteries can have a high resting voltage, but when you put them under load, the voltage will sag and do what you are describing. It's like when you try to start your car with a dead battery, the headlights dim when the battery is under load. 1. If you...
  10. divine

    Did Zebralight stop making CR123 lights?

    The last I heard was that they were working on releasing the next CR123 series light, but that it wasn't out yet.
  11. divine

    Worlds longest throwing (Still in Production) LED Light at the moment?

    Can anything with a reflector throw as far as a focused aspheric optic? I mean, outside of the maxablaster. :P
  12. divine

    Worlds longest throwing (Still in Production) LED Light at the moment?

    Possibly the Dereelight Nightmaster.
  13. divine

    " Build this " thread

    AW made a soft start, 3 mode switch that fit in the tailcap of Surefire's. Link for information:
  14. divine

    need help finding led pill

    $25 is crazy, I've ordered from them years ago and I don't remember anything like that. You can try out their USA dealer: If he doesn't have what you're looking for, email him, he used to be very good. I...
  15. divine

    Got to show off my lights last night!

    CNN reported on this:
  16. divine


    That would be a terrible light for white wall hunting! Would it be terrible for real world use?
  17. divine

    Maglite 3D LED gets a new LED (not sure what it is, pics are posted)

    That doesn't look like an XR-E, more like a XP-G. I don't know what XM-L's look like, possibly that one, too.
  18. divine

    Didn't know the SF P60L was discontinued.

    I like how they tell you to refer to KX4 and link you to a page whose first entry is the BP60L, a kit that includes the P60L.
  19. divine

    Draco - Lost and Found!

    Re: Draco got stolen this evening This statement makes me think someone might have watched you use it. Who would think anything of a Draco on keys to target it? (Unless they thought it was some sort of jewelry.)
  20. divine

    Draco - Lost and Found!

    Re: Draco got stolen this evening I've been working out for approximately 11 years now, I always try to lock my stuff up. I have yet to have anything stolen (Jinx :( ). If I forget to bring what I need to lock stuff up, I leave everything in the car and take only my keys and membership card...