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    WF-504B Silver Where can get?

    Hello and greetings! I’m search for a good WF-504B possible in warm white led tint and 3/5 modes I admit I like much style and mirror of this torch a lot of store like DX,Wallbuys,FT etc… but wich have a better quality? I prefer to have runtime and good heatsink so better get direct to...
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    Request Help buy Maglite 2D/3D Led

    Hello, I’m reading to buy a Maglite 2/3D cell Led (I’m a beginner) I have find this model for about 20 eur And I think this is the older Mag version(year?) I'm interested because it has the spare standard bulb instead of new this is the torch: See Rule #3 Do not Hot Link images. Please host on...