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    Photos comparing throw of Zebralight H600c MK IV versus the H600FC MK IV

    Definitely check out Stefano's comparisons. You don't need to find exact comparisons of fourth generation lights, or of "c" lights, as an H600F and an H600 comparison will clearly show you what you need to know about the beam profiles. Also, I recommend getting the H600Fc first, because...
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    Battery Vampires - Lights that you can feed your "dead" cells to, listing..

    Re: Battery Vampires - Lights that you can feed your "dead" cells to, listing.. I took a 9v battery apart, that came from beeping smoke detector, and put one of the AAAA cells into my nichia L3 L10 with some tin foil spacer. I neglected to check the voltage but the firefly mode was still...
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    That is so cool. I love seeing where portable electronics are increasingly replacing the need for desk top machines. On a related note, IOS has recently gotten actress to USB host mode! ... and IOS is adopting swype typing!!! - both of these are extremely old news in the Android world, but...
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    Zebralight H600 Fc vs H604c (only beamshot)

    If you wait until the first run or two of the newest version is out, you're almost guaranteed to have a phenomenal, and reliable light. I'm still on MK II, didn't get them early either. They are amazing lights, 24/7. I'm getting close to updating with MK IV.
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    Zebralight H503w, H503c owners - green ring around beam?

    The very lowest level, and the next to lowest level for that matter are both good for leaving on all night, light is easy to find immediately. Especially useful when sleeping in an unfamiliar place.
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    New H53c AA Headlamp Neutral White High CRI!

    Yep, it's the best for me as well. I use the zebralight clip on both of my H600 and made them permanent with a carefully trimmed strip of gorilla tape, doubled adhesive side to adhesive side to allow rotation, sticky side on the clip to prevent shifting. Originally I used heat shrink tube...
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    Home made flashlight, alkaline powered

    The original photon light was basically a 5mm led attached to a coin cell CR2032 with heat shrink tubing, an insulator under part of one of the led legs so that it stayed off except while being squeezed.
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    Looking for any Eternalight Owners?

    That's the kind of interest and dedication to an product/invention that I can really appreciate. Mr. Eternalight2, I'm thinking that if your original circuitry was made as well as possible, then a revamp of the LEDs and of the battery would basically make the light as new. Or, V2 could be...
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    Recommend a flashlight for a pizza delivery guy

    Emisar D1S is only 35$ at If you really want to light up distant numbers without dumping light into windows, this will do it. I've used a D1 quite a bit for finding addresses, and the D1S would be even more effective. -ramping up in brightness while you find the numbers...
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    Thrunite Ti3 V2 question

    "Always Wrong" UI, that sounds about right. The only thing that I can figure with these half baked UIs is that they were constrained by circuitry and decided to play limitations off as "features". I'll take the v1 with 2 second "memory" non feature over this always wrong UI, thanks.
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

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    LiFePo4 vs LiCo 18650 cells??

    My understanding is that the energy density of LiFePO4 cells is about comparable to NiMH, and not nearly the capacity of the more dangerous lithium chemistries.
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    So these lovely secondary LEDs presumably function as a locator/night light when the light is off, anyone have an educated guess on how low the mA drain could be set to? My mostly non educated guess is no lower than 1-4mAh.
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    Do You Always Have a Flashlight On Your Person?

    Yeah, ZL 600w or 600Fw.
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    Most efficient 6V LED 200-1000lm

    It's probably going to be a Zebralight. If you want more ramping options, more levels, more easy under the hood customization, then loosen efficiency expectations a little bit and look into the recent BLF collaborations. Sorry, you clearly asked which LED.
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    Recommend a flashlight for a pizza delivery guy

    Home depot flashlight section. Look through the lights with the bigger, smooth reflectors. If you want a better light, get an Emisar D1, a lithium 18650 battery, and a cheap charger.
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    Malkoff Bodyguard

    I see your' points. :-)
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    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Agreed, No Doubts.
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    Malkoff Bodyguard

    Not only that, but a close to depleted battery can still probably muster much of the initial surge of capacity needed for that first burst... the light is purpose built to simulate a light that can only maintain full brightness for a few seconds, and only takes issued batteries... It's kinda...
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    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Nice video review! One thing to notice is that while we're talking about 300 lumens max for constant use as a significant limitation, -you won't see much more than that listed on ZL site for any of its lights without a PID in parentheses next to the output. This light looks great to me, if I...