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    Armytek Wizard/Pro Thread

    Hi everyone I thought I'd start an Armytek Wizard/Pro thread for current owners and potential buyers. This can be a place to discuss our experience with the light, uses,questions, etc. Let me start off this thread by sharing what I like about the light and what I think can be improved, just in...
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    In the market for a multipurpose headlamp

    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a decent headlamp for multipurpose use such as: Reading: I want to ensure there is no irritating hot spot, and the light floods wide enough to cover the entire book about a foot from my face without me having to move/tilt my head. Also want a mode that is not...
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    Nitecore Diffuser/Filter Review

    So my 2 diffusers came in the mail and I thought I'd share my thoughts on them. NDF40 Diffuser NFD40 Filter Here are my initial observations: NDF40 Diffuser (Cone shaped): -This works like a lantern...
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    Recommend me an EDC for Self Defense

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an EDC that would also be suitable for self defense. Here are my criteria: 1. Portable and light, fits well in a pocket 2. Retina scorching bright, suitable for blinding someone if ever I am attacked. 3. Has a striking bezel for breaking glass or self defense...