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    Dimmable LED T8 replacement?

    I have an A/V room in my basement that has 8-foot T12 fixtures recessed into the ceiling. I'd like to replace these noisy lights with LED tubes. I just read that Hollywood Lights makes a retrofit LED T8 tube that's dimmable. Now that I know it exists, I MUST have a dimmer on that light...
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    How about a decent grill light?

    Can someone point me to a quality grill handle light or a DIY version? Everything I've seen in stores or online has been cheap junk that won't hold up to the heat, weather and greasy smoke. As an idea would a couple bright LEDs illuminating the inside of a length of PVC pipe emit light...
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    OK so drop-in LEDs are bad--now what?

    So I've been reading here all these wonderful high-tech multi-LED replacement bulbs are hazardous to my health but I'm still left with very dim tail lights on my 65 Mustang (known problem). There are vendors that sell a LED panel that pretty much fills the entire housing behind the lens. Very...