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    Hello from Boston

    Hello CPF! My name is Rick and I'm a big all around DIY'er. Lately my DIY projects are flashlights where I'm on a quest to build the brightest EDC and high CRI light. My most recent build was a triple nichia 219c in a convoy s2+ with carclo clear optics, qlite 3A driver on guppydrv, and efest...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: NiteCore D10 driver or similar piston drive LED driver

    Going out on a limb here since I know the Nitecore d10's have been discontinued for a while but if anyone has a spare D10 driver laying around PM me. I know a few people were able to grab up a bunch of spares right before they stopped making them. Alternatively, if you have an LED driver thats...