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    Weird Issue: EagTac D3A + Eneloops

    I have a D3a and only use Eneloop Pros in it. Never had an issue like this. However, twisty type lights can be a little trick sometimes. Make sure the contacts are nice and clean. Although, the fact that it works fine and then has to be reset sounds like it might be something else.
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    Bringing flashlights on a plane

    Never had any problems with any flashlight or battery type on a plane. However, I’m sure a light with an overly aggressive bezel or something like a larger Maglite could be considered a weapon to some TSA people.
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    I hate mode memory, and does anyone like it?

    I don’t mind it on most of my Thrunite lights because it excludes firefly or turbo, and I can get to those with either a long press or double click from off. Turning it on at high, medium or low is not a big deal to me. However, I have other lights that include firefly or turbo and it’s either...
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    21700 battery new standard?

    For now, any light taking 21700 doesn’t appeal to me. I have 14500, 18650 and 26650 lights, as well as AA, AAA, C and D lights. I’m actually trying to narrow down the different battery types, not expand on them! If they catch on enough, I would probably get rid of my 18650 lights and...
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    Best AA for Travel

    The titanium versions are all limited, so they tend to go fast. I love my D3A. The rear clicky is pretty solid, so it never gets accidentally activated...something that has driven me crazy with other lights, and not what you want when away from home...
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    What was the first (and last) flashlight that made you go "whoa . . ."

    Yeah, I think they started around 2006. They focused on law enforcement in the beginning. In fact, it was a police officer friend who recommended the brand.
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    What was the first (and last) flashlight that made you go "whoa . . ."

    Years ago, the first light that got me hooked was the Olight M20. Had to be almost ten years ago. I think at most it put out about 300 lumens, which at the time was quite a lot compared to most flashlights at the time. Recently I purchased the Thrunite TC20 and TC15. Just given their size...
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    Mod 'N' light pics

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    Can I charge olight batteries on a charger?

    I actually just looked it up. Sounds like a decent technology. However, you definitely should NOT charge them outside of the light. Basically, it appears that you’re stuck with one place to get batteries. This is not different than a light with a built-in battery..
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    Can I charge olight batteries on a charger?

    Sounds odd. What battery are you referring to? I personally avoid any battery that cannot be charged in a quality universal charger.
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    Turbo really put me off as a Newbie

    Yeah, the reality is, turbo is useless for any prolonged use. These days, whenever I buy a light I ignore turbo and determine the performance by the other levels. Lately, I use the Nitecore EA42. It has an 1800 lumen turbo. The next level is 850 lumens. So, I basically view it as having...
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    Best AA for Travel

    I don’t go anywhere without my D3a
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    Single AA light, clicky tailcap, NO MODES? (on tailcap switch at least)

    Yeah, thought it might be a decent alternative. Any single mode lights I know are typically of low quality....
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    Single AA light, clicky tailcap, NO MODES? (on tailcap switch at least)

    I like a light like this also. I have a D3A, which is identical electronically to the Eagletac D25 Mk II. It has turbo and strobe, and then you have to twist the head to access all the other modes. You have to half press to get to strobe once on, so it’s a pretty good compromise, as it’s...
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    14500 Li-ion Batteries

    In my experience it’s virtually impossible to get more than about 750-800 mah out of a 14500. Anything higher and it’s likely false advertising. I would even question a 750 with built in USB as it’s quite a feat to jam in the battery and charging port into the same form factor. Maybe I’m...
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    Recommend me an EDC light, 3.5 to 5" - more details inside.

    The Eagletac lights have flip up filters to go with several of their lights. That way you can have red when you need it, and flip it up for the regular white light....
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    Do You Always Have a Flashlight On Your Person?

    In very rare situations I don’t. Like the shower situation. 99.9% of the time I do. Eagletac D3A.
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    An eager recruit for the lumen wars.

    Yeah, she’s on her way. My son wants only my lights that have high candela. To his eye nothing is better than a blazing hot spot piercing through the night. He doesn’t care if other lights can light up a larger area. Hahah. I’m considering getting him a Thrunite Catapult, but not sure I want...
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    Recommend me an EDC light, 3.5 to 5" - more details inside.

    You could consider getting a Streamlight Seige AA for your wife. It’s a nice little lantern and has a red mode. That way you can get your SRT-3 back!
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    After a AA edc flashlight

    Eagletac D25A MKII