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    9 volt lithium battery load or capacity tester?

    Is there a simple yet accurate capacity or load tester (i.e. ZTS MTB-1) that will test lithium 9 volt batteries? None of the ZTS models seem to be able to do so. Thanks
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    Short lived Duracell AAA non rechargable?

    I have a vacation home with a home automation system that relies heavily upon battery operated devices. All of my door and window sensors use AAA batteries. I started off using alkaline but they were running down after 3-4 months in some of the more heavily utilized devices. I tried switching...
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    Rechargeable Battery Questions - non flashlight

    I have 12 battery operated door/window sensors (3 AAA each), and 4 battery operated push button door locks (4 AA each) which eat batteries fairly quickly (1-3 mo). Compounding that problem are the battery life that I get when I quiry them remotely is unhelpful. Typically, the battery lifes look...
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    Best CR2 battery for zwave door/window sensor?

    I have a number of door/window zwave sensors installed that drain batteries within months. One type that I use has a CR2 battery. Should I pay the premium for a good lithium battery such as the energizer e2 or would most lithium batteries suffice? I am looking for the longest battery life. I am...