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  1. divine

    Gyrfalcon All-88 charger - how the hell does it work?

    Here is what I do. Press the button next to the bay to choose which bay you want to change. The C~V button changes the selection from Current to Voltage or Voltage to Current. C.A means Current in Amps and is on top, V.V means Voltage in Volts and is on bottom. Clicking the slot button changes...
  2. divine

    Test/Review of King Kong INR26650E 4000mAh (Gold)

    Do these fit in a C body Maglite? Wiki says the definition of a C battery is 26.2 mm diameter, your chart says these are 26.2 mm diameter.
  3. divine

    Charging high capacity D cells

    I have one of these, and it takes more than half a day, it seems to take forever. Matt from Battery Junction was advertising their new charger, it is supposed to charge a D cell in 6 hours, which seems to be close to 0.5C...
  4. divine

    14500 battery that can discharge @ 25C?

    I bought some cheapie LifePO4 14500's a while back. I have no idea how well they perform though, since I have nothing that will draw much power from them.
  5. divine

    Charging revolution?

    I like the "Uses up to 1000 disposable batteries." I want to know how you connect 1,000 batteries to that thing... or maybe it is one at a time. If it's one at a time, why not 2,000 or 10,000? :thinking: Also! So, you use a 9 volt battery to charge 2 AA's or AAA's, certainly a 9 volt battery...
  6. divine

    Advice thread: CR123 Primaries, where to purchase.

    If you are going to order from Batterystation, try this link.
  7. divine

    18650 Battery Holder

    This thread was dead for 9 months. That's probably why the battery carrier that AW provides with his batteries wasn't mentioned. :ohgeez:
  8. divine

    18650 charger question

    The Pila is good for cells with good protection (AW). I have about a 50% chance of overcharging 18650s with not so good protection circuits (Ultrafire, Trustfire). I've switched back to my WF-139 for all of my 18650 charging. With that, I get a reliable green light when the cell reaches its...
  9. divine

    Camera Li-ons

    Cell phone batteries are Li-po's, and have a pretty high risk of venting. I know I saw someone made a ROP out of some Li-po's, and everyone wished him luck. I don't know how I never hear of cell phone or digital cameras venting.. they must have some very good protection circuits built into...
  10. divine

    Wire strippers for 20-32 AWG wires

    Back when I was dealing with Cat5 cable (24awg) more often, I was using one of these. It is best suited if you're stripping a lot of the same size cable often. The one I got was from Radio Shack, I checked the Radio Shack site, and it...
  11. divine

    14500s for Mag623?

    Another thing is that 500mAh cells putting out 10 amps of current would only have 3 minutes of runtime.
  12. divine

    14500s for Mag623?

    I don't think so.. a 623 is a lamp that needs 10 amps of current. The only cell that might be able to do it is LifePO 14500's, and I think those are only 300-400mAh cells. If they were 400mAh, the high estimate, 10 amps would be 25C (25 times the cell's 1 hour current). If they handled the...
  13. divine

    32600 kaidomain

    I was reading some negative values on some new eneloops I bought, and it turned out I had the plug on my multimeter in the amp terminal and not the volt terminal. Once I corrected it, all the eneloops were reading appropriate voltage values.
  14. divine

    Overcharged 18650.

    Yeah, I know that, but isn't it more dangerous if it is charged with excess energy? Don't you want to have them mostly discharged when you get rid of them? I guess the problem is I've never seen a Li-CO disposal thread.
  15. divine

    Overcharged 18650.

    I was charging some 18650's yesterday, and I had about 6 I needed to charge, so I was using my Pila charger and since I had a Wolf-Eyes charger I've never used, I decided to use that. I put two blue Trustfire 2500mAh's in the Wolf-Eyes. One went green pretty quick, I checked it with a DMM and...
  16. divine

    LiMnNi Rechargeable: 26650 Cell 3.7V 4000 mAh, 40A Rate, 14.8Wh

    These aren't C sized batteries... C diameter, but as long as a 18650. 2 of these are too long for a 2C light, and a good distance short, ~1 inch for a 3C. They might fit in a 2D with a sleeve and spring removed.
  17. divine

    Apple's "new" battery technology??

    They've been using user replaceable lipo cells in cell phones for years. I find it hard to believe that it isn't removable.
  18. divine

    UltraFire XSL 18650 2600mAh - Anyone?

    I was looking at these batteries on Kai's site this morning. They're about $7 per cell, I don't know if it'd be worth it.
  19. divine

    Spares when traveling?

    I went on a 2 week vacation a couple years ago. I think I took 12 spare cr123's.. and I didn't use them enough to change any of the batteries in any of the lights I took. :shrug: Just take what you're comfortable with... and make sure you don't have to buy $7 CR123's from a store!