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  1. skalomax

    New AA Maglite

    Please Delete, thank you
  2. skalomax

    Bought some Luxeon lights

    So, for a upcoming camping trip I've decided to buy a Fenix LOP, L2P, and a SL 4AA PP Luxeon. Didn't go with the CREE versions. :faint: Do you guys think these lights are going to provide enough lighting? Or should I buy some Surefire SSC or CREEs? :wave:
  3. skalomax

    Best Car headlight bulbs

    Hi, I'm saving for an HID kit. In the meantime I wan't get some bright bulbs for my car. The stock ones are yellow and pretty much dim. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  4. skalomax

    Ra Twisty 120 @ Batterystation

    120lm for an Hour. Sounds great.
  5. skalomax

    Sold/Expired FS: HDS U60XR w/K2TFFC by Milkyspit (SOLD) (SOLD)

    Here's a chance to own one of the few K2TFFC modded HDS lights. This light Is in great condition with a tiny bit of wear on the bezel. Id still call it 98%. The K2TFFC emitter puts out a smooth and dazzling beam pattern with exceptional throw and a wonderful tint. My Favorite modded HDS...
  6. skalomax

    Sold/Expired Arc AAA modded by LED_ASAP for Sale

    Have had this for a few weeks now, and It's a cool little light. It either has a Luxeon I or Luxeon III. Warm tinted, looks like a K2TFFC tint. Body Is in ok shape with some wear and scratches, has been used. I would call this 65-70% Runs of AAA batteries. Great EDC keychain light Asking...
  7. skalomax

    Sold/Expired Single Cell Creemator for Sale **SPF**

    Hello CPF, I have a new Milky build for you guys. It's a single cell, all black 'Creemator' by Milkyspit. Specs: *Acorn 1.0 Driver (4 levels of output) *Black KX2 head *Black E1B Body and tailcap *Runs of any rechargeable (RCR2?) or 2 Primaries *Max output around 200lm or more. Asking...
  8. skalomax

    Sold/Expired Aleph 3 w/NG500S FS (SOLD DAYS AGO)

    Hello, I have a spankin' new Aleph 3 with a NG500 Seoul LE, sporting a E1e body and a Mcgizmo two stage tailcap. High is impressive with some wonderful throw. Tint is neutral white. Everything is mint, and the SSC has some cool GITD green epoxy that Led Zeppelin did for me. Asking $250...
  9. skalomax

    Should I worry (USPS Question)

    Hello guys. :wave: I'm wondering If I have a bit of a problem. I've bought something from ebay, and It was located in Southern California (about 1.5hrs away). I chose to get it shipped since gas is pretty pricey. Ok, so It was shipped via USPS Priority mail w/insurance (sigh of relief). It...
  10. skalomax

    Sold/Expired *(SOLD) Modded KL3 W/K2TFFC by Milkyspit (SOLD) *

    Hello, My beloved is for sale, just to show you that no light is safe from my ridiculous selling habits. :green: Ok, It's a old gen KL3 head modded by Milkyspit to sport a K2TFFC emitter and a cutdown McR27 for some impressive throw (Much more than a seoul). Driver is a SOB750 for a little...
  11. skalomax

    Who has the E1b In stock?

    Anyone who currently has the E1backup in stock? Thanks
  12. skalomax

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN

  13. skalomax

    Sold/Expired WTB Mcgizmo S27

    Please! Thanks
  14. skalomax

    Meet my Optimator, by Milkyspit (56K enter at your own risk)

    Hello all Just thought I'd share my Milky Optimator, which I've grown very fond of. Had this baby for about a month, and have had no thoughts of selling It. I love these KL3s, their aggressive fins make It a perfect match for the SW01 This Optimator sports a K2 TFFC emitter, with a...
  15. skalomax

    Sold/Expired Would Like to Buy Mag2HID

    Would like to buy a Mag2HID that runs of 8xAA batteries please. Let me know. Thank you.
  16. skalomax

    2008 Inova T1 and T2 Beamshots Vs. Milkymods

    It's been a while since I've done some beamshots. Here are a few of the new impressive 2008 Inova lights Vs My lovely Milkymods. :D From Left to Right: Milkyspit KL3 Optimator W/K2T @ 750mA, Inova T1, Milky L1e w/SSC P4 @ 400mA, Inova T2. First Shots ML1e 2008 Inova T1...
  17. skalomax

    Sold/Expired WTB Hard Anodized Sub 2D or Sub 2C Hosts

    Like stated above, looking for any HA Sub 2D or Sub 2C Maglite hosts. Thank you.
  18. skalomax

    Sold/Expired Milkyspit modded KL6 (SOLD)

    I have a mint condition Milkyspit modded Surefire KL6. The KL6 hosts a K2 TFFC emitter with a nice tint. It's been driven at 1000mA (SOB1000), and has some serious throw. Everything as received. (HEAD ONLY - $245 ) Will ship anywhere in the world for $5 more.
  19. skalomax

    Sold/Expired *Mint Arcmania EM 350mA for Sale*

    Just got it from Lighthound today. It's almost the same as my ML1e, but my ML1 is a pinch brighter. Has about 2> of runtime. Dark dark blue in color, It said black on lighthound, but It's more of a dark blue. I'm asking $150 w/CR2 battery.
  20. skalomax

    Sold/Expired WTB Hard Anodized Maglite host

    Looking for one, thanks! :thumbsup: