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  1. guncollector

    Wife unknowingly a flashaholic!

    True story: last night there was a problem with the trash compactor. My wife asked for a flashlight to check it out. The nearest light was a M*glite 3D with Carley Xenon bulb, so I turn it on and hand it to her. She then proceeded to ask my why I gave her such a crappy light to work with...
  2. guncollector

    Best "Go-Bag" I've Owned, USN/Spartan Bag

    Okay, so I have a tactical-nylon fetish. I admit it. I've owned, and tried, just about every Go-Bag (aka Bugout-Bag) on the market. And this one beats everything else I've tried: It's the UsualSuspect.Net/Spartan Bag. The actual bag is in the right hand column of the collage above...
  3. guncollector

    New custom knife, Mayo Beefy-T!

    Just sharing. Tom came by my office today and I was able to buy this baby: Blade is 154V, and the handles of course in Titanium.
  4. guncollector


    Packing up the old family truckster and hauling down to Disneyland (6 hr drive from SF) :wave: this weekend, so I thought I'd start a Disneyland thread. For those who aren't aware, the Anaheim Disneyland has a companion park, "California Adventure", now adjacent to the original park. More...
  5. guncollector

    Custom Knives & Flashlights

    Who's got at least one of both? Let's say self-modded flashlights count and semi-custom knives (i.e. Sebenza, William-Henry, etc.) count too. I'll start. McLux PR-T (luxeon III, tvok, downboy 917) (my only custom flashlight--I know...shame) and Kit Carson M16 tanto amongst others. Don't...
  6. guncollector

    Slingbox: who's got one?

    So, who's got one? Here's a screenshot from my home PC: PROS: - inexpensive $250 (relatively speaking compared to other solutions, i.e. Sony's Location-free TV which runs $1500+) - easy-to-install - works as advertised, can view your home video source from anywhere with a PC and the...
  7. guncollector

    Custom diver: USN/Yao Seiko SKX007

    Just received this cool custom diver, based on a Seiko SKX007, but customized/modified by Bill Yao of inline with the " Watch"-project. Been wearing it everyday, on the white-stitched/black leather strap...
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  9. guncollector

    WWII buffs: what are these for?

    Hi gang, Seeking info from WWII buffs, on what these two items are for (that I picked up from a garage sale): (i'd open it, but its still sealed from the day it was made Dec. 9, 1944!) TIA!
  10. guncollector

    My First Blizzard

    Wow, all these years of travelling around the world, and here I am in midtown New York for my first BLIZZARD ever. And, no, I didn't pack any boots of cover-ups for my shoes... . Any advice on how to "weather" the blizzard?
  11. guncollector

    2004 Lummies around the Corner, Suggestions Sought

    Okay, gang, the 2004 Lummies are right around the corner; and as promised last year--has it gone by that fast?--we're seeking suggestions for Categories. Current categories, as voted on in 2003 are: 1/ EDC FLASHLIGHT 2/ NON-RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT 3/ RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT 4/ LED...
  12. guncollector

    Quick! Recommend me a Dishwasher!

    Hi gang, Our 20+ year old GE Dishwasher gave up the ghost this week. The Home Warranty company is offering to repair it, or fork over $500.00 to subsidize a newer (and more energy-efficient) dishwasher. So, with 2 kids and a nanny running 1-1.5 load daily, a replacement must be found...
  13. guncollector

    Swatch Paparazzi, SPOT & MSN Direct

    Picked up a cool new toy today. Been wanting one--a SPOT/MSN Direct watch--for a while, and decided after working my tail off for the last 8 weeks to reward myself with a little treat. It's a Swatch Paparazzi (all black for me) watch, which incorporates Bill Gate's pet project--SPOT (Smart...
  14. guncollector

    Item missing from my TSA-inspected luggage

    Well, I'm pissed today. After having flown from Miami to New York late last night, I went to unpack my things. Imagine my surprise when I opened my suitcase to unpack, and found that my Spyderco Delica was missing. Sure enough, I found one of those "TSA Inspected" notices in my suitcase...
  15. guncollector

    Fun Gun, M1 Garand

    Okay, here's "Part II" in my unintentional "Fun Gun" series. I've been a big WWII-Saving Private Ryan-kick, every since rediscovering my M1 Carbine (since sold and replaced!). If you missed it, here's the link to the first part: Fun Gun, M1 Carbine Anyway, this M1 Garand (Harrington &...
  16. guncollector

    1 week to master Texas Hold Em...Help!

    Okay, so my 20-year high-school buddies are having a get-together--and the mainstay of the boys night will be a Texas Hold Em tourney. I have exactly 1-1/2 weeks (its Sat. night after next) to master Texas Hold Em. That is variation of Poker, right? Any/all help, pointers, reference to...
  17. guncollector

    Fun Gun, M1 Carbine

    Just a few "History Channel"-ish firearm pictures for your lazy Saturday afternoon crowd. It's one of my little gems I acquired a few years back. Just took some pictures for fun and get feedback from M1 Carbine collectors. It's, near as I can tell, an original WWII-era (mfg circa 1943)...
  18. guncollector

    Range Rover v. All Comers (in $30k range)

    Hi gang, Time to tap the collective CPF knowledge base again. This one is aimed at Range Rover owners, particularly if you own a 2001 4.6 HSE. As it turns out, my wife and I need to replace her dying sedan, and some friends are selling a surplus car, a 2001 Ranger Rover 4.6 HSE. What I need...
  19. guncollector

    The AW Ban Sunset thread

    Okay, now I gotta ask the stateside CPF community: Does the AW Ban's sunset on 9/13/2004 affect any of your near-future buying decisions? Ready to buy full-capacity magazines? Ready to purchase that AR or AK semi-auto rifle? I know many a gun owner who are having private, post-9/13/04...
  20. guncollector

    Two Campers shot dead (8-16-04 Sonoma, Calif.)

    Scary stuff. Wrong place at the wrong time? Stalked? Who knows. San Francisco Chronicle, Friday, August 20, 2004 Missing couple found on beach shot dead Two river rafting guides set to be married next month were found shot to death in their sleeping bags on a ruged beach in Sonoma County...