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    Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

    Hi everyone, I often carry small EDC lights on my keyring (AAA, AA, 10180, 16340, 18350 etc etc). I have always wanted to also be able to carry a spare compatible cell on my keyring too but spare cell carriers are very rare it seems. Curretnly, I have managed to find some small aluminium...
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    Weird new 10440 cell behaviour

    Hi everybody, I have an interesting (to me) situation that I cannot get my head around. I have 2 Efest IMR 10440 flat-top cells that I have had for a few years now so I decided to buy some new 10440 and went with the Vapcell INR 10440 button-top cells. All the new Vapcell 10440s work fine in...
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    Which 21700 cell for my lights?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice please on which of my 21700 cells would be best suited to each of my 21700 flashlights. I personally would prefer sheer output levels first followed by runtime. The lights I currently have are: Astrolux EC01 Convoy S21A Sofirn C8F Sofirn C8G The...
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    Any Ammo boxes that will fit 21700?

    Hi everyone, I have been using various MTM ammo boxes for storing my AAA, AA and 18650 cells and these work great. Does anyone know if any ammo boxes will fit 21700 cells. Being in the UK, I am have very limited knowledge of all things firearms so any advice and links would be greatly...
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    Are there any commercially available C & D cell adapters for Maha C9000?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything that was available for the C9000? Cheers, Face
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    Can I use any 12v DC, 2A, Centre Positive PSU for my Maha C9000s?

    Hi, I was just wondering if my official Maha PSUs went *poof* can I use any 12v DC, 2A, centre positive replacement PSU as I have 2 spare PSU that meet this spec. Or am I missing something else that I need to consider? Many thanks, Face
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    AR coated Lens for ThorFire C8s?

    Hi everyone, Could someone please recommend somewhere that I can get some nice quality Ar coated lenses for Thorfire C8s lights? Many thanks, Face
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    Which charger for general Li-Ion charging?

    Hi everyone, I have both an Xtar VC4 and a Opus BT-C3100 (v2.2). I was wondering which of the two above chargers gives the best "quality" charge to the Li-Ion cells; basically I guess which is the better charger? Many thanks, Face
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    Why is my fuel tank getting smaller?

    Hi everyone, I hope that someone who has some good car knowledge can help me find an answer to this puzzle please. I will explain in detail below but I just can't physically put as much fuel in to the fuel tank as I have been able to in the past. This isn't a MPG question; but a full tank...
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    Would like to be able to solar charge with a VC4 but have a few ???

    Hi everyone, I keep toying with the idea to be able to do some solar charging for my cells but am unsure of the best way to do this. The below is a list of what I currently have: Xtar VC4 charger A selection of AAA and AA Eneloops and Li-ion (14500, 16340, 18650, 10440). EasyAcc Monster...
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    What's next after all the 1,000 lumen lights?

    Hi everyone, There just seems to be so many (approx) 1,000 lumen lights at the moment from all the manufacturers. Was just wondering when the next big thing will be headed our way that we can run on 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123, 2 x AA etc etc and what are we looking at - 2,000 lumens? 3,000 or more...
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    Has anyone tried 2x RCR16340 in a Fenix UC40 UE?

    Hi everyone, As subject really. Just wondered if it could handle the 8.4 volts or not. All the best, Face
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    Disposing of dead 18650 cells

    Hi, Took my first laptop battery pack apart today and got 8 panasonic 2450mah cells from it. Tested them as they were on my multimeter and they all read 1.0-1.1v so i want to throw them out. What is the correct procedure for lithium cell disposal? At work we have black bins around the site...
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    1 x 18650 vs 2 x CR123

    Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone could offer some clarification for me please. If you were running a light on 1 x 18650 would you expect it to be the same output if you were running it on 2 x CR123? Many thanks, Face
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    Fenix UC40 UE - charging issues

    Hi everyone, I hope that someone can offer some assistance please. I have had my UC40UE for a couple of weeks now and it has been working absolutely fine - once I'd taken the dust caps off :-) I came to use it today and it would not switch on (I got an extremely brief flash of light, but...
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    Looking for a 3xAA (or maybe a 4xAA) XM-L2 light...

    Hi everyone, been a while since I was around these parts and was looking to update my lights - want to get a new AA-based light and a 18650/CR123 light. But for now looking at the AA-based models. I looking for the best -all-round 3xAA XM-L2 and so far like the look of the Eagletac GX25A3 -...
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    Can you "lego" TN30 and TN31 heads and bodies?

    Or do you have to buy 2 complete lights? Would be handy if you could - would be ideal for me. Cheers, Face
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    Any clues to when we might see a Catapult v4?

    Hi everyone, just about to grab myself a v2 or v3 Catapult (v2 are approx $45 dollars cheaper than a v3 in the Uk) - and as I am trying to stick to my self-imposed ban on more than one puchase every couple of years (yes, yes, yes, I know) just wanted to get people's opinions on when we might...
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    WF139 charger and 3100mah 18650 cells

    Hi, I'm thinking about journeying in to the world of 18650 cells, for use in either a catapult v2/v3 or a thrunite tn11. I have seen some Eagletac 3100mah cells and I have some questions, if I may. 1) Are these cells actually any good and are they likely to be anywhere near 3100mah in...
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    Looking for new hi-power light. Can't decide between...

    Hi everyone, I haven't been very active on these forums for the last couple of years, for various reasons - and now things seems seemed to have really moved on. I still love lights, but I've managed to curb my over-enthusiastic spending habits (talked myself out of an SR90 a couple of years...