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    Fenix LD01... is this right?

    I have a Olight I3 EOS AAA Flashlight on my keyring and have been very satisfied.
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    crazy SF story

    WOW! one in a kazillion chance, lucky you. Hey +2 on pics.
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    Fenix L0D + 5 foot drop onto concrete = sadness

    Sorry to hear abut that, but at least there's a (new) light at the end of the tunnel!
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    Shingbeam Romisen Rc-2B4 Cree P4 LED

    Wanted a AAA light and picked one of these up from his site. Right around $18 total w/ CPF discount. I like it. A lshorte than the old incam mini mag and smaller diameter. Nice forward clicky. Comparing it to my Fenix P2D Q5, light is inbetween the med and high setting when white walling it...
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    Suggestions for $25 flashlight for 13 year old look at their AAA lights. I'm about to pull the trigger on the 2xAAA with a 100 lumen output (though short runtime I would imagine). Just under &17 and I have heard good things about shiningbeam here.
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    Solarforce L900 vs. Solarforce T700 vs. TrustFire SSC P7-C

    Re: UPDATE (and a response to a PM): Ok, little clarification here. been working my current job for little over three years. Been in security for 5 years prior to that. Let me tell you from experience, when you roll up on someone who is not where they are supposed to be, and you put a bright...
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    Replacement for lost P2D?

    If they are used to the P2D form and function then get another one to replace. I would suggest getting the Q5 Premium version.
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    C cell Malkoff

    I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a Malkoff for my 2C. I work patrolling a campus at night and want something bright but portable. I carry a Fenix P3D Premium or a SF G2 w/ Dereelight drop in. The Deree is more light and throw than the P3D, but only single mode. I would intend on the...
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    SF G2 and drop in module question

    Friend of mine at work got a SF G2. He bought a Q5 led drop in off ebay. Well it wasn't an exact fit, but I expected that. We removed the spring and had to screw the pill out a little to get it to make contact. will ahve to get an o-ring to act as a spacer later. Now when I was installing it...
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    Romisen RC-G2 Questions

    I certainly appreciate all the info. I will pass it all on. Like I said there is probably 1 or 2 guys that will take the reccomendations under consideration. But the majority will probably opt for the long shipping wait and G2 option to save a couple of bucks. I think any of the options...
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    Romisen RC-G2 Questions

    So the RC-I3 is all one package thats allows for 1 or 2 AA? Don't have to get an extension?
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    Romisen RC-G2 Questions

    Anyone else have issues with the switch? Thanks for the other suggestion, will look into them, might be one or two in the bunch that may spring a little more for a better light. I saw the comparison thread but didn't answer all my questions. Are there replacement switches to be had? From DX? I...
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    Romisen RC-G2 Questions

    Ok, I got a few coworkers that may be interested in this light. First, they are not flashlight people like us so main concern to them is price. Lets not go into the quality, try to convince them otherwise train of thought, been there done that. But they are impressed with my Q5 Fenix lights...
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    Fenix Store L1D/L2D/P2D Heads

    Reply from Fenix Store Got a reply, here's what they said: >>The heads are a Cree LED. Either Q2, Q4, or P4. More than likely, it's a >>Q4. The output is all dependent on what body you use it on and the >>battery types/quantities, etc... >>L1D: General Mode: 9 lumens (25hrs) -> 40 lumens...
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    Fenix Store L1D/L2D/P2D Heads

    Well if nothing else it arrived today. That is one thing I love about them, fast delivery (mainly because of where I live). It definately is not as bright as my Q5 head and there is a slight tint. the Q5 is very white. No big deal to me as this is going to be a dedicated car light and not an...
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    Fenix Store L1D/L2D/P2D Heads

    I just bought one as I had a spare L1D body laying around. Its one that is currently being offered on the site. Description states it is not a Q5 head. Does anyone happen to know what led is used, is it the CE model, and what the output ratings would be? I emailed Fenix also so I will post their...
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    *** Fenix User Group ***

    L1D (dedicated car light) P2D Premium Q5 (edc/home) P3D Premium Q5 (work)
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    Glo-toob love

    anyone using the clickie switch cap? How do they fare? Saw them under the accessory section of the maker's site.
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    Glo-toob love

    :banghead: Still can't get it even waiting 7-10. I literally have been in the same mode for eons as I can't get it to change.