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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Oveready BOSS 70 Titanium

    SOLD! B.O.S.S. 70 XP-L 4200K LED Primaries Red 640nm Secondary I have been too afraid to use this since I got it... haha, I guess I'm not cut out for the high-end flashlight market. It can be yours for $560 shipped Paypal, CONUS USPS.
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    Sold/Expired HDS Rotary Tactical w/Thor’s Hammer Holster

    I've been buying too much stuff recently, need to thin the collection down a little. All prices are Paypal G&S shipped CONUS. If you want full insurance or signature confirmation, you pay the price difference. Cross-listed. 1. SOLD HDS Rotary Tactical w/ Thor’s Hammer Custom Holster- 325...
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    Sold/Expired TRADE PENDING Oveready BOSS 70 Aluminum Patina - $325

    TRADE PENDING Selling my BOSS to fund another purchase. It's in excellent shape, was carried a few times, so it has a few very minor scratches which can be seen in the pictures. It is the XP-L 4000k model with the red secondary LED. I'm looking for $380... $360...$350 $340 NOW $325 shipped...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Prometheus Alpha Ready Made

    SPF Excellent condition (looks unused) Prometheus Alpha Ready Made light, I received it in a trade, it's a little bigger than I wanted for my EDC, but it works great. Come in original packaging with oil and extra o-rings. Serial number is 0500. Price is $220 shipped CONUS Paypal
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Oveready/Torchlab Moddoolar Package!

    SOLD Selling my excellent condition Oveready Moddoolar. I would prefer to sell everything together, here is what's included: V4.0 Triple Head with XP-G2 LEDs and LMH programming. 65mm DB Cell Tube, fits 1x17650, 1x18650, 1x16340, or 2x18350. 130mm DB Cell Tube, fits 2x17650 or 2x18650. Triad...
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Oveready/Torchlab Modoolar parts

    Now selling a parts individually: I am consolidating some lights and am looking to sell one of my Moddoolars. This one has less than an hour runtime and is in like new condition. I'm looking to get: V4 HML XP-E Cool head w/ Cren AlTiN w/ UCL - ($180...$175...$165) Sold and shipped MedPress...
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    Review: Torchlab/Oveready Moddoolar (Beamshots Up!)

    I've been lurking around the forums and marketplace long enough, I think it's time to start contributing, and what better time than my first custom flashlight! A little bit of background about myself: Flashlights have always been a hobby as long as I can remember. I use them in a professional...
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    Surefire UB3T build differences

    I just purchased a third UB3T Invictus from the Botach Surefire sale and the beam is very different from my other one. My original one is a Bxx8xx serial and the new one is a Bx28xx serial. The 800 series has an almost square beam profile and has a very cool tint and the 2800 series has a much...