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    My Ti triple Ultralux Dragon has arrived

    It is bright with a huge hot spot and intelligent mode spacing. The light doesn't get too hot which was my biggest concern before it arrived I have a ss single xpl Dragon which I've been carrying since it arrived, last week, but now I'll let it rest, for a bit, and carry the triple.
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    HA 18650 host an entry level option

    When I looked at the website, today, I found that Chris now offers the PR-18650 Programmable P60 Light w/o drop-in for $135. This entry level option, on the drop down menu, seemed like a great way to try an 18650 quality host, so I placed my order. I'd already purchased the drop-in and did not...
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    Any plans for a copper Eiger or Logan?

    I'd buy one or both.:whistle:
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    Modifying a Peak to a full flood mule.

    This came about because I wanted my new K2 to work with a QTC. No way to do this with the Judco switch so I removed the tail piece from my AA Atlantic and installed it with a QTC pill on the K2. It is a perfect fit and the ramping is smooth. I put the Judco switch on the Atlantic which I hadn't...
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    The new website
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    QTC in older Peaks

    I tried a QTC in a Glacier Bay with a Luxeon led. At low & high levels it works well but in the middle range the led flickers like a strobe. Any idea why? I also tried the QTC in P4 Ranier and there was no problem.
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    Rainer Head on a Logan 17500 body

    I finally ordered a Rainer after Bob tried the head switch for me. The allure of the longer run time of a 17500 finally convinced me to try one. The only other Peak mountains capable of putting out 400+ lumens are the Eiger X and the Vesuvius. The Eiger X has decent run time on a 10440, twice...
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    One down, two to go?

    One of the three leds on the Shasta brass I keep on my keychain no longer lights up. It really doesn't effect the beam that much but it bugs me. I'd replace it if I could but there's nothing left on the RMSK specials page. Anyone else experienced this or have any idea if the two remaining...
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    I don't get it

    I was looking at the RMSK Soecials page where the QTC Volcan HA CR2 has recently been listed at about a third off. The CR2 battery is smaller than the CR123 so the idea of a light that throws like a Logan is attractive. Then I looked at the specs and the Volcan is slightly longer and heavier...
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    Nitecore T5 AAA keychain light

    Specs and pics are posted at Stylish, XPG R5, current control circuit and a solid looking reversible pocket clip. I still think the Thrunite TI is the best of the new crop of AAA but I'll pick up one of these when available
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    I found a pocket clip for my Eiger

    I was rooting around in a cigar box of old pens and I came across a Parker Big Red from the 1980s, I think. As soon as I looked at it I thought, I wonder if this clip could work on my Eiger as it attaches in the same fashion as the Moddoolar clip for the Logan. The clip fits perfectly but it is...
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    No more clips?

    I need 2 and was looking on the Oveready site for their status and they have been downgraded from out of stock to no longer listed. Bummer! They do have pocket style Eiger bodies in AAA, 10180 and 10280 sizes. I want a AAA in HA and possibly a 10180 SS but I'd like to know if the clips will be...
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    What I would like to see offered by Peak

    I would buy, the long ago promised, 14250 body for the El Capitan in any material, as well as Eiger pocket style bodies with or without QTC. I have one pocket in HA and it is very useful with an ITP clip installed. A CR2 Volcan in a pocket or lug style. Spare bodies for the Logan. I have a...
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    Heads and bodies compatibility

    I know the Logan head will fit on the McKinley body, but I'd like to find out if the Logan head is compatible with any other currently available lights like the Ranier or Pamir. I looked but could not find a thread on this.
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    Because I wanted the Vesuvius body for my Shastax head, I am running the Vesuvius head on the Shastax body with a 10280 battery, QTC from Shao and a 1 mm magnet spacer. I use the Shastax as my EDC and I wanted better run time. FWIW the lego Vesuvius works well and the output is decent without...
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    Lower the Output (MAH) of a Li-On Charger?

    If this is possible, I'd sure like to know how.
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    2 heads are better than 1 (but not 3)

    I am very happy with the brass Vesuvius I purchased. It is very responsive ramping from a low, so low, that I can stare at it, to usable levels for a variety of situations. I would by another, today, if I knew that the 2xAAA body will be available as an option and not a complete light. Curt...
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    A big thumbs up for RMSK

    Just got off the phone with Bob, what a great guy to talk to. He helped me a lot with my order for a WOW and a 17500 Logan, both in brass. I was just waiting for the battery tubes to come in, before buying the 17500 and it is a luck break that they arrived at the same time. I wanted to be...
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    Is the Vesuvius vaporware?

    I thought they would be on sale by now. Even if the head has problems I want the body and I'd still buy a 2 aaa Vesuvius body for my Shastax. I'd settle for a Baltic body but Bob says he never seen one. Can anyone tell me if the new IMR batteries would have any advantage over Li-Ion in an...
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    Just got off the phone with Bob at RMSK. What a fine and knowledgeable fellow he is. It all started with a online chat about the Shastax I wanted but included a most interesting and educational tour of the entire Peak and Tektite lines which will surely be costing me a bunch of $$$, once I...