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    Been away a while.. Need info on Lionheart!

    Hi guys, I've been away from CPF for about a year now so I haven't been keeping up with all the awesome mods and lights since then (damn I missed you guys ). I think I've been bit by the bug again and I'm starting to read up on all the cool stuff you guys have done over the past year. I know...
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    Mag 1D Tigerlight Mod (kinda long)

    Yesterday I received as part of a group buy, a couple of Mag 2D lights that have been cut down to a nifty 1D size. Here is a pic beside some other lights so you can see the size difference. Left to right: SilverLegacy HID Mag, Mag 1D, Mag 2C, Mag 2D While comparing the different lights, I...
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    Question about "Incandescent" 5mm LEDS

    Question about \"Incandescent\" 5mm LEDS Just wondering if anyone has played with these before. How do these "warm" white LEDs compare to other bright 5mm LEDs? Are they just as bright? Don't hear much about 5mm LEDs anymore
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    500 lumen Surefire rechargeable using Pila Li-Ions

    I just got a brand new Surefire 3" turbohead and decided to try out with a 500 lumen N62 lamp. I'm using Surefire Z3 + A19 that has been bored out to be able to accept the Pila 150A and 168A Li-Ion batteries. Using 4 brand new SF123 batteries, I was able to measure 19,000+ lux. The brightness...
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    An interesting fact about DSpeck battery extenders

    I was fooling around with my new 123 battery extender and I noticed that the tailcap from my Nuwai luxeon light will screw onto the battery extender (although not completely). A 123 battery will not fit in it with the tailcap screwed in but a CR2 battery fits fine. Using an MN01 I picked up...
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    Badboy + 3.7V Li-Ion with R2H or R2K/R2L?

    Looking for some help from the experts.. I am planning to mod a light to use a 1W luxeon and a Badboy converter. However, I plan to use a 3.7V Li-Ion to power it. The Li-Ion batteries have a voltage of around 4V when freshly charged so I was wondering which LED would be more suitable in this...
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    Dimensions of the Streamlight Stinger battery?

    Can anyone who owns a Streamlight Stinger or Stinger HP tell me what the length of the battery pack is? Thanks in advance!
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    Dimensions of the Streamlight Stinger battery?

    UBB6-ML-298001-ML- Moved to batteries...
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    A look inside Nuwai's 1W luxeon light (long w/ pics)

    A look inside Nuwai\'s 1W luxeon light (long w/ pics) A few weeks ago I picked up a new luxeon flashlight from a Brookstone store. It is a nicely finished aluminum flashlight that is similar to the Streamlight 3AA Luxeon tasklight but instead of 3AA it uses 2x123. It uses the same smooth...
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    Can a 12V Surefire lamp be powered by 3 Li-ions?

    Has anyone tried to power one of the 12V Surefire lamp assemblies (MN60, MN61, etc..) using 3 li-ion cells? The li-ion cells are rated at 3.6V but they read at around 4.1-4.2V when they come off the charger. I saw a post where lemlux ran a MN61 on 2 li-ion + 1 CR123 so I was wondering if anyone...
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    New lamp assembly for Pila GL4

    I was emailing Jennifer from Pila about the different models of lights and she sent me this: [ QUOTE ] Option ( NEW ) For GL4, we offer a 12V lamp assembly as option. To power the 12V lamp assembly, 4 x CR 123 lithium batteries are required. The 12V lamp assembly provides 195 lumens for 45...
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    maximum voltage for Arc AAA head?

    Just out of curiosity, what voltage can the Arc AAA heads be run at? I've seen some members on CPF make custom battery holders and I was wondering if it would be possible to run the Arc AAA on 2AAA, 2AA, 2 C, etc. Does the regulator in the AAA regulate both the current and the voltage?
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    LSH-P in LSL-P body? Help!

    Fedex just came and dropped off my new Arc LSH-P. When I opened up the package there was a little sticker on the ziploc bag that said "Model: LSLP". I thought uh oh they've sent me the wrong one! I take the head out of the bag and it's engraved "LSL P". Now I definitely thought Arc sent me the...