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    Sold/Expired Device to check laptop battery cells without opening the battery

    Hi guys, I have designed an equipment for laptop battery analysis. It has a feature to detect the voltage of each parallel group of cells, even the battery is dead and not detected by the laptop. It is useful for those who extract the cells or repair the laptop batteries. It also calculates the...
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    Laptop Battery Replacement (another attempt...)

    AM Gauss163 is right, You need to keep chip powered all the time during replacing the cells. If it detects any fault condition then PF (Permanent Flag) is set and the battery cannot be used anymore. If you succeed to replace the cells and PF is not set then you need to perform a calibration in...
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    18650 laptop battery rebuild

    I know that this thread is very old but I am very interested on how did you repair the laptop batteries. In most of the cases, if you replace the cells inside of a laptop battery you need to reprogram the chip battery to reflect new cells. Most of the chips are sealed.
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    Hi from Romania

    Hi people, I am Ionel from Romania. I am an Embedded Engineer with more than 10 years experience in automotive embedded systems. I am most focused on Li Ion batteries and using them in Smart Packs.
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    What are the best 18650 batteries in 2019 ?

    I am very satisfied with my pair of Panasonic NCR18650B, I don't know if they are the best but they are the best from what I tried.
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    Charging/Analyzing Multiple 18650 Cells Simultaneously

    Where are these 500 batteries coming from ? Laptop batteries ?
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    Disassembly of some UltraFire batteries

    When I bought my first flash light with T6 LED I received it with a red UltraFire 18650 Li-Ion 4800mAh accumulator. I have tested it with my OPUS BT-3400 and the real capacity was around 380mAh :)