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    Emitter used in SC600Fc IV?

    Is it the XHP50 or the XHP50.2? Zebralight lists it as the XHP50. But the H600Fc (released at the same time as the SC600Fc) is listed as uskng the XHP50.2. I can’t imagine why Zebralight would use a different emitter in two lights that are so similarly spec’d. I especially can’t understand why...
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    Frosted Lenses - Where to get them?

    After using Zebralights with frosted lenses, I have come to REALLY appreciate the wide, even, floody beam that you get with them. After using them, conventional 'hotspot and spill' beams just seem toi 'tunnel vision-y'. So I would like to retrofit some of my Eagletac lights with frosted lenses...
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    4.35V cells - Should different voltage limits be used on them (vs 4.2V cells)?

    The post about capacity of 4.35V cells got me thinking. Since these cells charge to a higher voltage and generally maintain a hugher voltage throughout the discharge cycle, should we be using different voltage limits on them than 4.2V cells? For instance, should they NOT be discharged to the...
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    Do you find that you are moving more to higher current cells?

    It seems like lately, I have been moving away from high capacity cells like the NCR18650B or NCR18650GA toward higher current cells like the LG HG2 or Sony VTC6. With such a small difference in capacity, it is hard to miss the extra runtime, especially since that little extra that you get from a...
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    Low voltage warning on Sportac Triple Nichia 219C drop-in - is this normal?

    I got my Sportac Triple 219C drop-in the other day. And while I have to say that the output is STUPENDOUS, I have run into a problem. If I put in a freshly charged NCR18650GA, the light runs fine for about 40-50 minutes. After that time, the low voltage warning kicks in, periodically cutting off...
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    What's with eBay sellers asking MORE for Zebralights than the Zebralight site?

    And sometimes, it's LOTS more. For instance, one seller is asking $178 for an H502w L2. This is a light you can get for $69 on the website. In other words, they want over $110 more for it, which amounts to OVER 2.5 TIMES what Zebralight wants for it!!!!! Do these folks NOT know that you can get...
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    Li-Ion vs AA/AAA - Which do you prefer in the wilderness?

    There seem to be two schools of thought on this one. Those who prefer AA/AAA like that they can walk into any store and buy alkaline batteries. And those who prefer Li-Ion like that Li-Ion batteries pack more energy into a smaller, lighter package and can easily be charged in the backcountry...
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    Nitecore LA10 - Anything else like it that runs on 18650?

    I have a Nitecore LA10 CRI 'lipstick light' lantern, and it makes a REALLY nice tent light and general purpose lantern in situations where lots of light is not needed (or wanted). My only issue with the light is that it runs on AA. This limits runtime and requires that I carry AA batteries in...
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    Armytek Prime A2 - Is it REALLY 651 lume

    I was thinking about buying this light for a gift. The 651 OTF lumen rating looks good. If it is true, this would be the brightest 2xAA light out there. But is it realistic? Their previous 500 lumen 2xAA didn't impress me too much.
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    Are protected cells a dying breed?

    I still remember back when I joined this board in late 2012. Back around that time, the XM-L was king of the hill, high CRI was something exotic, and thise folks who used Li-Ion batteries used nothing but protected cells (with VERY few exceptions). To NOT use protected cells back then was, as...
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    NCR18650GA maximum charging rate?

    I can't seem to find a reliable figure for this anywhere. Mountain Electronics says 1375mA is the max (and 1000mA is recommended). But Illumination Supply lists 1475mA as a 'standard charge'. And HKJ says 1675mA is a 'standard charge'. Does anyone know the maximum rate at which this battery can...
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    Are there any advantages to older, lower capacity cells?

    The other day, I got a couple of NCR18650GA cells from Illumination Supply. When I got these cells, I couldn't help but notice the prices of these cells vs older, lower capacity cells. While the NCR18650GA goes for $5.99 a cell, downgrading to the older NCR18650B will cost you $5.50. In other...
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    Opinions on Xtar WP6 II

    I would like to get a charger that can charge lots of 18650s simultaneously. And it looks like this is one that can be had for a very reasonable price (a little over $30) from Xtar Direct. It looks like it also has the ability to car charge (a plus). And, although the charging rate is fairly...
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    Is the H600Fc III tint anything like the SC62c?

    Athough I generally prefer handheld lights to headlamps for hiking, I generally always carry a headlamp for those times when I need to use my hands for climbing or use my arms for balance on steep slopes. I usually carry my H600Fw. But lately, I have REALLY gotten into high CRI lights. And I...
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    Is there a new Nichia 219B out there?

    I have a number of lights with the Nichia 219A and B. Some of my lights have he characteristic pinkish white color that we have all come to love. But the last two lights I have purchased using the 219B (a Sportac Triple and the Astrolux S41) seem to have a VERY different emitter. Rather than the...
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    Anyone sell a quad Nichia 219B P60?

    I know that I can get (and already have preordered) the new Astrolux S41 if I want a quad Nichia. But there are times when I would rather have more runtime than I can get from a single 18650. I also know that Vinh sells a quad, but that uses the lower CRI Nichia 219C. But is there a quad...
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    Cryos Cooling Bezel, M2 type - What size lens?

    I just recently received a Cryos Cooling Bezel to use on my Solarforce. And the lens from the Solarforce (L2m) is too small. The lens on my 6P is also too small. The website mentions something about using M2 glass. But I can find no dimensions for this. What size lens should I get for it?
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    Panasonic NCR26650A?

    Just yesterday, I got an email suggestion from eBay for a 5000mAH Panasonic NCR26650A. I know there has been talk about Panasonic making such a cell for Tesla. But is this even something that is available? The cell costs $20, and is coming from Hong Kong (which itself is suspect). So it seems...
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    Overcharged Keeppower 26650 to 4.30V - how bad?

    I made a boo-boo tonight. After charging a Sanyo UR16650ZTA in my Xtar SP1 to 4.30V, I stuck in a Keeppower 5200. But I forgot to change the charge voltage from 3.8V back to 3.6V. So I ended up with a Keeppower 5200 charged to 4.30V! I immediately used the battery in my light on my nighttime...
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    Handle for 'soda can' lights?

    I recently puchased an Eagletac MX25L3C. And while it is a nice light in terms of tint and output, it certainly isn't the nicest thing to carry. 3x18650 just makes for a fat light that doesn't fit well in the hand (I can only imagine how the 4x18650 MX30L4XC must feel!). But I just got to...