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    Olight s1r baton turbo s nw - color temp?

    Hi all Just purchased an S1r in neutral white. Does anyone have a clue as to the color temp of the light. I couldn’t find anything.
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    EMP proof flashlight

    I'm curious to know if anyone has tested a flashlight against an EMP. I would think that copper flashlights might act like an emp shield.
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    Solarforce L2P host high amp switch

    Just got a PFlexProd drop in. I think its possible i might need a high amp tail switch for my Solarforce L2P. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get then and what will work? Thanks
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    Mountain Electronics 2000+ lumen pocket rocket!!!

    Not sure if you guys have seen but up on mountain electronics site Richard has a new build. A Convoy S2 18650 but strange it has cooling fins which are not pictured on normal Convoy S2 bodies. One of the builds comes with a triple XPL-HI (4000k). I just couldn't resist with the free battery. I...
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    Convoy S2+ 18350 Nichia 219B 92 CRI

    Hi All- This is my second flashlight build and all I can say is I'm addicted. This time around I decided to build a compact "floody" with high CRI. So here are the parts. Nichia 219B 4500K 92 CRI LEDs (Triple) Copper Triple Spacer 17mm DrJones H17F Driver w/ lucidrv2 - 7135 + FET (this is my...
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    Amp draw and future build question

    Hi All- I recently built my first light (P60 Solarforce L2P) and have a few questions regarding Amperage at the switch and the LED. Here is the current build: 17mm DrJones H17F Driver w/ lucidrv2 - 7135 + FET CREE XP-L HI V2 3B LED on Noctigon 16mm MCPCB 3 amp rated Solarforce (stock)...
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    Solarforce L2P host - Lighted Tailcap

    Hi All, I have completed my first flashlight build (Solarforce L2P with Dr. Jones Driver with lucidrv2). What a great driver firmware, allowing for maximum customization, but I already have a few ideas in mind for enhancements. One that I have been kicking around is having a lighted tail cap...