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    Battery Wrapper Replacement

    I have two Li-ion batteries where the wrapper is either cracked, or damaged. One battery is a couple days old, and the other a few years. Both take, and keep a charge. First I don't know if the wrapper is available by itself? Second, if it is available what size (AA, and AAA) would I order...
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    Newly Discovered Energizer Flashlights

    The Target near me had no flashlight aisle for a day while they were doing a "reset" last week. The missing flashlights showed up in the light bulb aisle the next day with most lights (including Mags) at regular price. I scanned a few to be sure. A few new items did appear. Worth noting a silver...
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    G2L + Malkoff P60LL

    G2L + Malkoff M60LL I recently purchased a Malkoff P60LL, and swapped out the original Surefire LED module that came with my G2, and noticed a few things that I'm not sure are normal or not. Please provide any constructive advise, or similar experiences you might have had with this...
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    Is this what your Nitecore D10 R2 Beam looks like? Over sized image removed
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    Mag Multi-Stage Switch

    I have a 3D maglite with a malkoff p7 drop in, which is running on the 9AA to 3D adapter. Wondering if there is a way to get multiple light output levels. Nothing fancy, maybe 2 levels ... ~100 lumens, and maximum. Are there direct replacement, or drop-in switches available?
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    help with coleman led pure annoying glare

    I have Coleman 4345-701 8D LED lantern that I find useless. If you look directly at the light it will scorch your retinas, but at the same time doesn't seem to put out much light the the surrounding area. Pure glare. Any suggestions on how to make this light useful? What is a easy, durable...
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    Is the SuperFire "18w" Luxeon upgradeable?

    I purchased a single mode 2xcr123 "Luxeon 18 Watt SuperFire surefire 400+ Lumen" light off ebay in 2007. Can it be upgraded? Links, or some key words to find brighter, more efficient LED's would be appreciated if it can be upgraded. beam preference is white, not blue, more flood then spot...