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    What was your first motorcycle?

    1985 Kawasaki 900 Eliminator
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    Light Weight Ultrabook?

    Check out the Dell XPS 11. I've used one and considering getting one myself. They are super thin.
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    I think I know what Apple is going to do!

    Did the new Touch get an FM tuner like the Nano????
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    Hornworm Attack

    Mix sodium tetraborate (20 mule team borax) with ranch dressing and set it out around the ants. They like vegetable based foods. 20 mule team borax can be found in the laundry section of your local wal-mart. I've used this a number of times. They take the food back to the nest and feed the...
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    Coop v2.0 is here!

    Way to go COOP...I just had a boy two weeks ago...WOOT!!!!!!
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    What's your EDC, Go-To, or favorite knife/knives?

    I like that Citizen...Might I ask what model it is?
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    Is Life Worth Living?

    Couldn't agree more...great post.
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    Has anybody found the perfect Bluetooth in-ear headset for their cellphone yet?

    Hybratech Orb...if it ever materializes.
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    Anyone modded an iPod dockable unit to charge the newer Nano's and iPods?

    The Scoche Passport will allow you to charge your nano, touch or iphone from earlier devices. I have one for the car and it works great.
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    Buying a camcorder

    Hi Ross, I dunno about the Panasonic, but I have a Flip Mino, Canon sd780 camera with video capability and a JVC HD camcorder. The Flip is great, easy to use and does a pretty good job overall. It's weaknesses are low light and zoom capability. It only has a digital zoom and no light options...
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    What iPhone App's you using?

    Mantis Bible study Bible app 21 teacher blackjack Sol free Moonlight Mahjong Remote i.TV The Weather Channel Trism Units TicTacTouch Falling Gems Pegle PS Mobile Bejeweled 2 Spectrumtap Around Me StoneLoops Wordbook Wordweb Let's Golf Ebay MyPaint Free F.A.S.T. Sally's Spa Live Cams Pandorabox...
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    The great 3D TV race, how soon will you get yours?.

    I just watched Monsters & Aliens in 3D on a new Samsung 8000 series LED TV...not impressed...What a gimmick. It looks horrible and I wouldn't consider 3D if it cost more.
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    my first Spyderco: the Tenacious

    Is it possible to buy a set of orange scales? Those are awesome...
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    Please assist me with some dive watch maintainence

    I've changed the battery on my TAG a few times and always inspect the seal. I lube it before i tighten the case back as to not tear it(silicone spray). So far It has been plenty water resistant for my needs. It's not hard to do. Personally I would do it myself and not have it pressure tested...
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    Help me find a new watch

    Ball watches has everything and more of what you just ask for, but I don't know your budget...they are very expensive. Luminox has everything you want for a better price though.
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    Apple's iPad

    My wife has a box of iPads...I had to remind her not to flush them down the toilet...:green:
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    ALL-ETT Wallet Size?

    Here is a twist for a thin wallet...
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    Apple's iPad

    Re: Any one pick up one of the IPads. Will have to least till the 2nd gen arrives.
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    GMail April Fools joke?

    The New Google....:crackup: