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  1. Jose Marin

    Sold/Expired WTB surefire z44 head natural

    Looking for a z44 head natural in excellent condition to complete my c2. Thanks!
  2. Jose Marin

    bored elzetta charlie 18500's help

    Just bored my elzetta charlie body and wanting to find an unprotected version of the Panasonic ncr18500a 2000mah that can be used in series, im aware of the lower capacity options but want the highest mah available. Protected 18500s won't fit. Anyone know? Would anyone object for me to remove...
  3. Jose Marin

    Surefire p2x Fury 600 lumens

    Hey everyone just sharing some info on this light. Didnt seem to fit in the older fury thread. Some pics, mine was bored 19mm by myself for protected 18650. Runtime test lg mj1 full ouput 20mins then long 2hr tapper to 30% Sf cr123 x2 full output 32mins then quick 15min decline to 30%...
  4. Jose Marin

    foursevens quark 18650 body

    I missed out on the quark 18650 body when it came out and theyre impossible to find used. Anyone know of a custom body that somebody makes? Thanks!
  5. Jose Marin

    pd40 question

    Just got pd40 in the mail today and noticed there is no difference between high and burst. Measured the amps and it's 2.9 on high and 2.9 on burst. Anyone run into this? Im using a foursevens 26650 4000mah and keeppower 26650 imr 5200mah both fully charged and both with same readings. Thanks
  6. Jose Marin

    Sold/Expired WTB olight sr mini bezel (non crenulated)

    if anyone has a non crenulated bezel for their sr mini they arent using im willing to buy it thanks
  7. Jose Marin

    Nitecore HC90 tip

    Hey what's up guys, new guy here. Im an electrician and have been running the hc90 for about a month now. It's an amazing light so far, best part is being able to dim it to whatever i want and being able to light up huge areas. I didn't think about the slide being a problem but unfortunately...