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  1. stamat

    L2D-CE flashes when switched on

    I have to disagree. The pre-flash is there in the low power mode of my L2D, regardless of how many turns. When my eyes are dark adjusted it is blinding. I turn the flashlight to see something and for a moment my ability to see gets worse instead of better. :thumbsdow I greatly prefer my...
  2. stamat

    So, whats new in the LED world?

    Warm white LEDs have made significant improvements as well (seem to be now where Lux I was when it appeared). Most people here are mainly concerned with the ultimate lumen number they can squueze out though :)
  3. stamat

    Smoother spectrum LED flashlihgts

    I see that Warm White LEDs are starting to make progress in the efficiency department. "Seoul Semiconductor Unveils Warm White Acriche of 42 lm/W" Anybody knows of plans for a smoother spectrum flashlight sporting one of those Warm...
  4. stamat

    Fenix L2D CE

    Question about window opening diameter - difference between L2D and L2T. I have a L1T with a diffuser disk finely machined to match the bezel opening. It fits nicely in front the glass held with clear tape. From what I hear the L2D has a wider head. Is the window opening diameter also larger...
  5. stamat

    Where to get amber 5mm leds with 60+ viewing angle???

    Maybe the 50 degree warm white LEDs from LED Supply would work for you. They are quite yellowish.
  6. stamat

    Lumileds Sets LED Luminance Records

  7. stamat

    Mixing warm white and cool white LEDs (easy mod)

    Some Photos added to the first post Will try beamshots tomorrow if anyone is interested.
  8. stamat

    Shake Flashlight Recommendation?

    Life of capacitors vs life of batteries I researched ultracapactors a little. Manufacturers claim to have made good progress in the last three years. I agree - if the flashlight uses good quality ultracapacitors (e.g. Maxwell) - it should work well. If on the other side - some kind of...
  9. stamat

    Shake Flashlight Recommendation?

    Please excuse me for being so direct. I'd say don't fall for that novelty trap. It is easy to sell something now and promise it will work in 5 years. This reminds me the crase of expensive self charging watches (solar swinging weight etc.) by Seiko / Pulsar / Casio. They all needed replacement...
  10. stamat

    Mixing warm white and cool white LEDs (easy mod)

    I experimented with mixing Warm white and standard white leds in one flashlight. The resutls were quite interesting. Findings: I found surprizingly better depth perception and just ability to "notice" some subtle details. I compared my "mixed led" flashlight with a 0.5W Advancedmart standard...
  11. stamat

    LED powerpoint presentation

    Very Good! Very Good! Both as information and as presentation.
  12. stamat

    AC-LED Circuits

    Add a resistor in series with the capacitor (would have to use larger capacitor). The resistor protects against voltage/current spikes. The moment a good voltage spike appears (switching something on/off) - the capacitor would become the equivallent of a short cirquit. If there is no resitor...
  13. stamat

    K2 @ 1,000 ma info

    That is "guaranteed" with certain probability only if you manage to keep it cool in the process. From designing and servicing various electronic equipment I have learned that for proper operation and reliability derating of 30% could be very wise ;). In this case the safety would come from...
  14. stamat

    The New Gerber Infinity Ultra-M now for $29

    After reading the post about lack of side spill at the other thread - I agree. Not worth it for general use.:thumbsdow The only advantage are the double O rings.
  15. stamat

    The New Gerber Infinity Ultra-M now for $29

    I saw the New Gerber Infinity Ultra-M for $29 at Base Gear. Advertised as American made and with the better anodizing. Anyone has any clue as to how the beam shape, tint, brightness would compare to the currently sold standard...
  16. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    Spectrum diagrams not to be trusted (Nichia Jupiter) Just an update - sharing hard earned experience :broke:. I have now tried a Prolight warm white star (Ebay) and a Nichia jupiter warm white Io moon (LedSupply). The Nichia Io moon is really sad - it outputs yellow-brownish light which is...
  17. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    How to achieve Diffuse, even flood (for cheap) I found a simple way to achieve diffuse, wide, even flood. Instread of reflector texturing (which is expensive and permanent) I inlayed the reflector with finely crumpled aluminum foil. The fine texture of the foil did the job. I also experimented...
  18. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    More Warm White LEDs coming from Nichia and Cree I researched a little more. It seems every big company wants to have a Warm white led out - for vehicle cabin lights, interior lighting etc. Both Nichia and Cree are reading something in the 1W range. Interesting times are coming. While...
  19. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    Sorry for the misleading description. Actually the light turns dim and brownish and yellow. My incandescent is a yellow & black plastic 2xAA torch with a tiny bi-pin bulb. I think there must be some advantage in having sush small bulb. Maybe the light source is closer to a sigle point and...
  20. stamat

    Warm White LED for better outdoor color rendering

    Warm White Luxeon vs Prolight Thanks, HarryN! You are right - the warm white Luxeon has wider spectrum then the warm white Prolight. Too bad the ww Luxeon is not available in a Lambertian package. I will need to mount it in some sort of reflector and then think of some kind of a diffuser to...

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