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  1. CaptainBrock

    Packing Efficiency of Three and Four Parallel Cells

    This post analyzes the packing efficiency of three parallel cylindrical cells in a tube, versus four of the same cells in a tube. Packing efficiency is defined as the percentage of total volume of the containing tube occupied by the cells. One might expect three cells in a triangular arrangement...
  2. CaptainBrock

    316,800 Lumens LED Light

    Not exactly a flashlight, but similar, on a grander scale, to some custom experimental home-brews I have seen on this forum. For entertainment and education only: See Rule #3 Do not Hot Link images. Please host on an image site, Imageshack or similar and repost – Link - Thanks Norm The...
  3. CaptainBrock

    AARGH! Banish the MiniMags Now!

    OK, I am DONE with the Mini-Mag lights, period! I have about seven, including stock LED versions, and they all go shaky on me! Usually they work fine at first, then end up intermittent, a severe annoyance at the least. This seems to be attibutable to the twist-on-off head, a feature that I...
  4. CaptainBrock

    Bad Gerber from China

    A little story to relate a recent eBay experience: I purchased a very nice black Gerber folding knife ("Kiowa", Model 01405) on eBay for 8.50 USD, free shipping from China. There were four other bidders. It was beautiful but I took a close look at the side-locking latch. It did not engage even...

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