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    XM-L EDC Upgrade question

    Has anybody upgraded their XM-L to and XM-l2; or any other emitter swap? I'm curious how difficult it would be to remove the led; I'm assuming it's epoxied to the heat sink.
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    Looking for the best thrower under $300

    Like the title says I'm trying to find the best possible thrower for under $300. I'm not picky about incan vs led, nimh vs li-ion, pocket sized vs 4d mag size, etc, I just want it to clearly illuminate objects at long distances. How long? As far as possible without going over the budget. I...
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    G3 +AN14 extender

    I purchased the AN14 extender for my G3 with the intention of using a pair of 17670's and a small spacer. I got everything put together and the light wouldn't power up. I discovered that there is roughly a 2mm gap between the metal sleeves in the G3 body and the AN14, so the circuit can't be...

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