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    QLite Regulation vs. other 17mm Drivers

    Short summary: are there better regulated budget drivers than QLite, or a way to get better regulation from QLite? Why I ask: I'm thinking of building a couple car glovebox lights with the Convoy hosts Mountain Electronics sells. Just because I want to compare them, one would be a Nichia 219C...
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    Yuji BC 5mm LED Stress Test - Graph and Images

    If you don't care about the method or detailed results, just skip to the pictures at the end. Intro With literally several thousand of these emitters now in circulation among CPF members, I thought it was worth taking some data on their performance when overdriven. Before continuing, I want...
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    LED Predictions From 15 Years Ago

    Searching for old performance specs for the sake of a discussion elsewhere, I came across the following: It details a development roadmap published by Cree sometime around 2002. I knew it would be interesting to...
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    Sunwayman R01A Emitter Swap (with pictures)

    PREFACE Many CPF users may wonder, why bother modding an RO1A? It's just a ~10 lumen battery vampire with a lowly 5mm LED. However, many users have shared or acquired through group buys a high CRI 5mm emitter made by Yuji. I have used their 3200K, 45 degree beam angle version for this project...
  5. I now has a flashlight recommendation

    Posted in the last 2 weeks to both sites: They gave a quick shout out to our gracious host: Unlike their headlamp recommendation, they didn't seem to mostly limit their choices to available in stores, and their resources included CPF users...
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    Looking for AA Floody, NW, High CRI

    * EDIT 10/25/16 - I went with the Armytek Tiara A1 Pro V2 (Warm, 90 CRI) due to availability, price, and the high CRI * Be patient with me as I've filled my head with a really specific notion of what seems like it would be the perfect compact headlamp for me, but I'm not sure this dream light...