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    FiveMega 6aa to 2d adapter

    I found my old ROP parts today and was thinking about selling them on eBay and wondering what you guys thought the value of this part would be. I think I paid $37 for it but I don’t think this part is made anymore and was wondering if if might be worth a little more now. I also found a mint...
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    TerraLUX Lightstar 80

    I've been carrying this light for over two years everyday. It has worked flawlessly and even though I use it several times a day I only change the batteries every 4-6 weeks. I have several higher end lights but I could only own one flashlight it would be this one, no contest. This is an...
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    Help replacing tail cap switch, please!

    I got this ultafire light off and when it arrived it did not work. I'm pretty sure it's the switch and I just want to order a replacement. Can somebody tell me if I can order one that will come from the U.S. that will fit. The light is a five mode but I don't care about that. I...
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    300 lumens and 7 watts from a Q5 and a single AA cell REALLY?

    I would like to order a few of these, can someone tell me where to order these?
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    4Sevens or fenix forward clicky for Solar Force L2r

    Thanks for the help PCC, I sent you a pm regarding the adapter. In the mean time I found a light called a Lumintop L2A today at my local gun store for $45 that seems to meet all my criteria but wanted to do a little research on it before I buy. Oddly enough their price was better than what I...
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    4Sevens or fenix forward clicky for Solar Force L2r

    Can anyone tell if a forward clicky/momentary from one of the other aa light manufacturers will fit on a Solar Force L2r? I decided that I want another high quality dependable 2AA light and after looking through all the options I can't find one I like that is in the price rage I am willing to...
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    SiPiK in red

    I cannot find these lights on meritline, can someone post a part # or tell me where to find it?
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    Maglite 2D LED 2nd Gen Battery stuck, please help

    I was checkng all of my rarely used lights this morning and discovered that my 2D 2nd gen MAG LED had a leaking batteries and the battery closest to the head is jammed. I have not been able to find out how or if I can remove the switch in order to remove the cell. Can someone point me in the...
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    Cheap eveready 1D? LED lights

    Re: Cheap eveready 1D? LED lights at Home Depot Mine just died, I tried it in an older Rayovac 3 D cell light and it did not turn on at all so I figured it was not making contact. When I switched back over to a 2 D light it was working fine and then went very dim. I am going to buy a few more...
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    Cheap eveready 1D? LED lights

    Re: Cheap eveready 2D LED lights at Home Depot I just covered the reflector with scotch tape and ran it for another 5 mins or so just playing with it. It makes a nice little flood but I thinl I prefer it as a thrower, just seams like a light like this would have more use as a flood as it has...
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    Cheap eveready 1D? LED lights

    Re: Cheap eveready 2D LED lights at Home Depot I picked up one of the Eveready 1D Led lights at a gas station today for $2.89 and tool it home and put the PR based emitter into an old 2D light. I have not run it for very long but the LED seems to be holding up just fine under the increased...
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    Any not too expensive but good incans

    I have a flashlight made by Tacstar that is called a T6 Baton light and uses 4XAA batteries. It puts out about 75 lumens and has a 1 hr run time. I think this light was discontinued in 2006 but they pop-up on ebay from time to time. Mine has a very nice beam similar to my G2 but is a little...
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    Mag Xenon Disappointment

    I was also unimpressed with the mag xenon magnum star lamps when I tried them. I would recommend switching to a 5 cell krypton. The 5 cell lamp will be over driven a bit by the 6 cells and will produce brighter beam, probably a little closer to what you were expecting. Also I have found that...
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    Question about a recently aquired Tacstar T6 Baton 4xAA

    Anyone? I was wantng to place an order for drop-ins today but wanted a little guidence first. I was also wandering if some of the higher voltage drop ins may continue to operate and lower lumens as the voltage of the 4 aa's drop?
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    Of all the clicky and twisty lights you own(ed), which is your favorite UI?

    Re: Of all the lights you own(ed), which is your favorite UI? 5 C Maglite with sleeve to run eneloops. I run it with either a fusion 36 led drop in or a 4 cell mag krypton lamp.
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    Question about a recently aquired Tacstar T6 Baton 4xAA

    Hello, I just purchased a Tacstar T6 baton light that holds 4Xaa and I have a few questions concerning the drop-ins I can use. The light claims to make 6v using 4 aa's and I was wondering how a 6v xenon will run on 4 eneloops, will it run or does it need alkalines to reach 6v? I was also...
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    5mm 1xAAA from Rayovac

    Re: Just got back from Wally World I bought one of these tonight at Walmart for $3.00 and am very impressed. It is decently bright and the construction and threads are actually pretty nice too.
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    My friend uses a knock off Mini Mag

    I think a Solorforce L2r is the best choice as well. I have many lights from surefires to ultra modded maglites and my go to flashlight is always my L2r because it is sjust simply my best over all light. I am often tempted to throw down over $100 for a surefire E2LAA but am never able to...
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    XM-L Drop-In Questions

    I am wanting one of the new XM-L Drop-Ins and i have a few questions concerning them. 1. Will the Solar Force be as bright as say the nail bender. 2. What are the brightest and best quality xm-l drop-ins for less $40.00 3. Will one of the 3v-9v drop ins work well in in a 2xAA Solar...
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    maglite alternatives

    As for as similar lights, i.e. large, metal/heavy aluminiun, C or D cell flashlights made by different manufacturers there does not seam tbe many still made. Brinkmann still makes metal C and D cell lights mut I don't know if there beam is any better than a maglites. All of the other campanies...