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    Surefire Yuji 5mm 3200k MN01

    bla2000, yes it should be. 5mm LED's are all very similar in external dimensions, and the legs have the same spacing. It might require some sanding like euroken's mod, but otherwise, that should be a good choice.
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    Favorite budget light 2021

    I don't think anyone has mentioned the Convoy T2 yet. At $16, it's not the cheapest light out there, even for Convoy's lineup, but I'd still consider it a budget light. - AA and 14500 compatibility, with low voltage protection. - Good brightness, with a decent spot size and spill brightness...
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    Where are all the single AA twisties?

    Yes. SB Flashlights is the only place it's available. They have both the twisty L10 and the tailswitch activated L10C. Great overall design, with the main drawback being that it doesn't seem to be the most durable light. Most of what they have is the 4-mode version, which includes an extremely...
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    Garrity Flashlights have Fallen from Grace

    Interesting. There is a lot more history to Garrity than I realized. My only experience with them is an emergency light that my wife's parents got her a long time ago. It is probably this model...
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    2020 Updated Sofirn C01 670nm Deep Red LED Nightvision AAA Twisty Keychain Flashlight

    Thanks for the video showing what the beam looks like. Do you like it? I know some people felt it would be more useful indoors if it was floodier. For outdoors, they liked the higher output of the C01R.
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    how many flashlights do i need in my bug out bag?

    I'd approach a bugout bag like I would backpacking: have a backup, but don't overburden yourself. Light is extremely useful and even can be a matter of safety, but it is not in most circumstances essential. Once you're prepared for one to fail or get lost, I would focus on food, water, warmth...
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    I'm sure in reality it will depend how fast they sell. If these go at the same pace as the originals, I'd imagine they will make more. If it takes them a couple years to sell off the full batch, I don't see why they would. If I understood right, they bought 5,000 of the Sophia emitters, and...
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    I haven't had a chance to play around with one, but djozz (who is a member here, but more active elsewhere) has done an output test on it. Luminus rates it at 6A maximum, while I think the XM-L2 is rated for 3A. Unsurprisingly, the two test pretty closely at low to medium currents, but the...
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    BLF LT1

    They are not separated with diodes, so make sure to put all the batteries in the right direction. A single cell is fine. At the top of the ramp, even with all the jumpers bridged for max output, it draws less than 3A.
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    An attempt at moderation, contentment, and gratitude

    gurdygurds - you stay you! You've got your flashlight priorities set right. All the signs of frequent use on your lights warms my heart.
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    JohnnyH, thanks for the great pictures and sharing your thoughts! I'm glad the tint made a good impression on you. Regarding the red, the beam profile has been an open question at one of the other forums. An earlier prototype had a bad beam, but it sounds like Sofirn was looking for other...
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    This kind of light actually used to be quite common before high power LED's became dominant. The keychain lights with a CR2032 battery are just the beginning. The Arc AAA and Fenix E01 are iconic AAA-powered lights, with the latter being the inspiration for the Sofirn C01. There were numerous...
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    I'm not sure. I'm going to try the options that LED Supply has, but they're US-based, so shipping is probably expensive to Russia. I'm also going to put a 2300K from rngwn in at least one.
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    There is a 4500K version. I don't know if it is Sophia, but the same person (rngwn) sells them in packs of 50 on another forum. Spectrometer measurements for CRI showed Ra = 98, and R9 = 97, with Duv = -0.001 for a single sample. In other words, top tier light quality, so if you like that...
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    To clarify things in case anyone is confused, the C01 family consists of 3 models, but there have been multiple editions of each. Bykfixer, if you'd like to copy this table into your first post to highlight which editions are under discussion, feel free. Model (Edition) LED Modes Max...
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    Sofirn C01 for 2020

    Yes, the CRI metrics are basically equal to a Yuji, and the tint is almost as good, but the Sophia is slightly more efficient, and able to be overdriven harder. I've stress tested both a Yuji and a couple samples of the Sophia. CRI was measured by djozz. Overall, I think it's a great LED, and...
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    On another forum, someone said they manually re-potted one of the early C01's that had uncured potting in it with "Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape". They did not say if they disassemble the light and brush it on as a coating, or have some way of squeezing it through the potting hole in the driver.
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    It really is unfortunate. However, it should not be too difficult to disassemble to swap LED's if you are comfortable soldering. Once I get mine, I will try to make a write up. I'm going to swap at least one for the 2300K high CRI emitters I got from rngwn. I'm tempted to do a set of color...
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    Emisar D4SV2 finally released

    Re: 26350 battery for Emisar D4SV2? It has active thermal control to automatically reduce output as it heats up, and it's even configurable so you can lower the maximum allowed temperature if the default is too hot for your preference.
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    Suggestion for Dad's day 2xAA with focus ring

    There are not many good focusing flashlights out there, in part because flashlights these days have enough power and the beams are sufficiently well-controlled that a mix of a hotspot for distance and spill for up close serves pretty well. Fenix's FD series optical design is different than most...