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    Dive lamp project for underwater bio-fluorescence

    Just learning about this now... Wondering if you came across a source for LEDs that peaked at 455nm. I'm looking to have a HOG Morph 1000 Backup modified to fluro, but wanting 455mn instead of true UV (395nm). In theory, it would be a 1000lumen (if you even measure fluro in lumens?), so the...
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    Mod / upgrade HOG Morph 1000 core light? - Help, comments and feedback appreciated :)

    OP, Not sure if you're still looking at this light or moved on to another option. I got the UML1000W and UML1000NS. I bought a bunch because my dive buddies also wanted some. Message me if you want more information on pricing. The only difference between these and the HOG Morph 1000 Backup...
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    Hi from Marshall Islands

    Decided to finally join up. Wander through here at least a couple times a year. Always been a light geek... but realized there's a lot I didn't know about the newer LED lights with all their fancy drivers and black magic. See you in the forums!!